First of all, if it is an incomplete series with no book to indicate to the viewers what happened in the unpublished episodes, then Netflix should scrap it. Uff, so many questions all left unanswered Turkish dramas do end abruptly. I also wondered why Funda’s mother completely disappeared?! This was a well-produced and well-acted show with a host of talented stars and supporting cast. Just finished episode 79 and am so devastated that there is no season 2.

I am missing the show already, would be nice if season 2 would be available. She is not attractive and her voice has no vibration. The last episode was an opening for a second eason that will never come! Unknown 15 August at I too saw it as creepy, but then I appreciated everything he did for her. Mine goes back and forth. It is really disappointing.

And why the woman in heels look like Derin? Mediocre acting compared to her older sister, Emine who is an excellent actress. I want to think that Timur shot ahvabto favorite actor Sinan. I was puzzled at that end!

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Did Sinan live after he is shot? Posted by Nicholas V at I will just write my own in which Sinan recovers and reunites with Mine and his son and have all the happiness that he so richly deserves.

Unknown 13 February at The little kid is way too spoiled, all the adults around him execute every single wish he has even in the middle of the night. It is really disappointing. I wasted all that time to have this abrupt incomplete ending Wth!

Might be my age, I admit. But I think I will write my own ending for all the characters in 1 piece of paper, then read it before going to bed 1 night and that will be the end of my disappointment Otherwise all other characters very well portrayed and interpreted. Eunice Ibarra 6 February at So many unanswered questions, who shot Sinan? I’ve even learned some Turkish words. Actually from the minute Mine walked into Timur’s luxurious house in the very beginning, I was sure she was going to choose him if ever Sinan came back.


Emine the unmarried oldest daughter Onuryay EvrentanErdal, a silly son Ulas Torun and Mine, the younger daughter Gulcan Arslan who is beautiful, clever and romantic. The Twilight look was very ‘in’ at the time, but his styling, the hair, the omg Where did Timur go? I likes she stayed with Timur. LOL not realizing that they never made a Season 2. I too saw it as creepy, but then I appreciated everything he did for her.

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That is really bad on Netflix’s part to not warn the viewers about that. Besides, it also shows the global search volume, CPC and the competition for each keyword. How can the show end like this. And Emine was outstanding and creepy and she could have shot Sinan for all we know since the last scene of her had that eyebrow raised like she was not at all a dopey sad person but a true psychopath. Its so gross and creepy.

Sinan, as the victim of a plot to foil his love and separate him from his son, is perhaps the most innocent of all the characters, but he remains relatively immature and perhaps the most devoted to the ideals of romantic first love. But sfason legs were probably meant to be of Merve’s mother back from the dead.

Watched all the episodes, spent so many hours on this and finally got to episode 70 and oh boy! But I really enjoyed watching the girl I loved totally thinking 79 was last Jennah Vee 8 March at I could streamline this show in a very short, very nail biting 5 episode drama – just give me the job.


This series was great but I do understand why they never made a second series. Does Timur still love his wife? Even the Last Kingdom. What’s Memo up to? Tienen que hacer obligatoriamente la temporada 2. Will Emine jump in the pool?

Not having the son brought up together. Just want to say I loved your comment. Its history, cultural and religious diversity make it a rich, com I imagine that there characters were meant to bring some levity to the otherwise serious script but they, and in particular, Erdal, just came across as complete idiots.

Kept me laughing so much!!! He is old enough to be her dad. I also thought his acting was very good, so for me, I have no complaints on that.

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Sinan was annoying, lol! Jean’s Blog 13 September at That’s not even an end! Please note that unless otherwise stated, all original material of whatever nature created by Nicholas V.

The plot is familiar enough for watchers of Dpisode soaps, but there are several interesting subplots, which are developed well. Maybe it was Memo? I found Timur very creepy and I cringed every time he came near Mine, so I for one was very happy to not see any physicality between the two. Unknown 24 January at