While taking in her hang clothes, one of her towel flew to the neighbour’s house. But while there are some questionable visual elements, the surround sound is top notch. Since then, every night they could still hear the sound of the sewing machine coming from next door. When the family came, everyone was happy except for her daughter, Nan who grew fonder with her grandmother after many years of living with her. Also this movie spends so much time on family drama that the horror elements seem to be a complete afterthought. One morning, while Parn was throwing rubbish, she realised that their neighbour had no rubbish. He figure ran to the kitchen after realising that Thee spotted it.

I’ve got another film from this director called “Coming Soon”; I doubt it’s much of the same and from the description, it sounds interesting… but I’ve been burned before. It’s pretty much the same thing here. Things start to change when a Burmese maid, one who would have worked for Thee, is brutally murdered and later the house where the murder occurred is deemed haunted. He often came over to the house to play. Later that day, Nan came home and saw her dad fixing the swing. He went to the kitchen and he tracked the sound. First half is interesting Practical sfx are decent The Bad: Assuming his son is trapped inside, he frantically tears all of the tape off, and as he gets the last piece, his cell rings.

The camera captured the image of the maid’s disfigure ghost. But while there are some questionable visual elements, the surround sound is top notch.

The husband attacked him. Thee was terrified because he shot his son. When he reached home, he ask Nat why did he go to the haunted house.

The film is very dark and it has a very creepy feel to it, even with that super happy opening. However Thee is looking to make this work, and given his high paying job with a company that specializes in dietary supplements, it appears he’s able to akhirr his family the very best.


Thee and Parn also eventually succumb to the discord, Thee because of his discovery that his company is a fraud and his boss is taking away all aldda his money, forcing him to work in odd jobs such as being a shop clerk, and Parn because of the stress of Nan’s absence and her own supernatural experiences. They left the house without her.

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When the main character does not see the ghost sneaking up behind him? So many of these things spend so much time explaining aohir hows and whys of its villain that I lose sight of why I should care about the main character – that doesn’t happen here. They all have a great big cry and think about what a great guy Thee was. When she found the towel, she saw a pair of legs coming her way.

He turned to his right and he saw a figure standing there. Hey folks, Valkor here.

From the start I was fairly interested, it was developing nicely enough for about the first half of the film but then it gradually deteriorates. At first I thought Thee was crazy, because the opening appeared to be a little “too happy” and maybe the family was either fake or dead; especially when he starts talking to the empty chairs. Movie Trailer – Laddaland. She was in a dilemma deciding whether to open the door or not.

The aihir was very pissed over the issue. He slammed the door shut and ran home. She entered the house and called again. She asked what happen but before she could get an answer, Thee scolded her for coming home late. Being even more of a nerd I can confirm the average rating is an astounding 3.


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She tried to remain quiet but she accidentally made a sound and the legs moved really fast to her direction. The husband especially thanks to one needless scene, the mother Again one scene especially and the stroppy teenage daughter. While Laddaland appears to be a relatively ordinary, if quiet, neighborhood, Thee and his family skhir that something is wrong with the environs, since the place seems to sow discord on the families to commit violence.

Even though the subtitles seemed to be dumbed down compared to the dub track like “Hey, what time are we having dinner tonight?

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He turned behind and he saw a figure outside at the kitchen ldda. Turns out they’re real and that happy moment he was experiencing is gone in a flash. The movie goes to some pretty dark places as Thee wanders around in his neighbor’s house with a gun and accidentally shoots his own son who was hiding in a closet.

The dysfunction reaches its nadir when Nan, on the day of her return from boarding school, is haunted by the spirit of Somkiat’s wife and mother next door and has to stay at a mental hospital so she can be calmed down. The answers might surprise you if you’ve seen enough Asian horror, since it’s usually so much more convoluted, but I liked that they opted for a “keep it simple” option for a change. Views Read Edit View history. The sound from within got louder.