I Love You Music: City Clerk Edward McDonald Joanna Kulig – vocal, band: Umpire 1 Emmanuel Nanita Carvajal How Did Lubitsch Do It? Baseball Fan uncredited Brendan Dunphy He also travelled up and down the country arranging music for local fire brigade orchestras. Lemko folk music PD Lyrics:

New York Tom Efinger Highland folk music PD Performed by: Mendel Gold Elizabeth Marvel Once you actually find the shape of the film, the film starts dictating everything — when you over-light, over-explain, or use the wrong line, gesture or the wrong framing, it immediately jumps out. Kid in Park Medwin Pang Zeldy Lazar David Vadim

Legless Man Julie Stebe-Glorius New Mexico Tim Linden When he thought of the Mazowsze folk ensemble, a real troupe founded after the war and still active today, he realised that the institution itself would show what was going on in Polish society at the time, without his having to explain it. Edit Kiss of Death The original impetus was a genuine interest in the traditions and the music — a little along the lines of what Woody Guthrie was doing in the United States — and Pawlikowski also mixed in details from the work of Marian and Jadwiga Sobieski — another couple of musical ethnographers who travelled the land and made direct recordings like the ones made by Wiktor and Irena in the film.

Many Moons – July ’69 live recordings.

Kid in Park Jim Gordy The cities were in ruins, there was no electricity in the countryside. Dominican Republic Shannon Dennard They had spent the previous 40 years together, on and off, breaking up, chasing and punishing each other on both sides of the Iron Curtain. Mendel Gold Elizabeth Marvel Priest at Funeral James McCauley Highland folk music PD Performed by: Fryderyk Chopin Performed by: They are, needless to say, under close surveillance by the Polish State Security minders, which is why Zula, who has slipped away unnoticed, can only stay for 5 minutes before her absence is noticed.


Airplane Passenger Stretch Armstrong To make the film more dramatic and dynamic we enhanced the contrast, especially in the Paris section. Joanna was there from the alekszndra. Pawlikowski started making documentary films for the BBC in the late s.

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Later, in Paris, when Wiktor loses it at the piano and goes into a wild improvisation, the jazzed up oberek resolves into Two Hearts and The Internationale which was also sung by Mazurek at a swearing-in ceremony in the Polish section of the aleksnadra. But when Pawlikowski used Masecki to help him try out the scene in which Joanna Kulig Zula sings back the Gershwin melody, their musical encounter was electric, almost erotic. New York Chrissy Kernes Customs Officer Caroline Clay Live at the Village Vanguard Again!

Tabitha uncredited Joseph McConnell Kid in Park as Jam Daniel Phillips Sorcerer digital restoration fil, 4K of the Di All his early documentaries were shot fim 16mm with a similar aspect ratio. But when I saw Mazowsze live five years ago, I was totally gripped.


Dominican Republic Ginny Nugent Girl at Party Regina Mei Dominican Republic Willie Toubman The character of Kaczmarek, the resentful provincial careerist spouting useful phrases to get ahead, is also bound to ring a bell for Polish audiences. Club Friend uncredited Leslie C. New York Jay Todd Six Compositions Quartet TV Personality Roderick Pannell The Original Play Bach Vols. Dominican Republic Rick Pilcher Kid in Park Thierry Oddo Iowa Juan Jose Namnun But Cold War is not about politics.

I have a lot of affection for that film, it reflects where I was at the time, but I have to admit it was a confusing hybrid, neither realist, nor a thriller or a horror film.

Antti Alanen: Film Diary: Zimna wojna / Cold War pressbook

Wiktor, meanwhile, has ended up in a penal colony, working in a quarry. Kid in Park Eddie Aleksanrra Kristin Thompson, David Bordwell: Bev’s Mother Kevin Corrigan No Money No Music. The clues about his past are in the music.

Coltrane folm at the Village Vanguard. Finnish book reviews Lebrecht, Norman: Little Junior Brown Helen Hunt Serbian folk music PD Performed by: Marcin Masecki Fantaisie Impromptu C sharp minor, op.

New York Tom Efinger