Ah, do not betray me, my heart. What are you saying? The place is deserted. Get out of my sight. A just God awaits me there, who will not pardon me. He is accusing me.

He who sees you so silent and abstracted believes you a simple young girl sighing over her first love. Have you come here to fling my broken promise in my face? Do you hope, by going away, to save Anne’s life? He is reproaching me. The ashes of my first love are still warm! Someone must remain on earth to weep over our fate. But I think the night is nearly over. Someone within these walls will hear you.

Could the young man have revealed some crime?

And l believed you innocent because you seemed so to her. Many days have now passed since l enjoyed my lord’s sight.

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And so it shall be. Wicked pair, at this terrible moment I shall not call down supreme vengeance. Let Henry listen to the promptings of pity even if the king is determined to punish. The entire realm believed you innocent and spoke on your behalf. So sbtitles are his wife!


Supreme judge, to you the sentence is submitted. Someone will hear you. And the crown set upon your head all forgotten, he sighs with you and feels as though he were that first love. Someone must remain on earth to weep over our fate. Have you come here to fling my broken promise in my face?

Your death grieves me but death l shall bring you. Your embrace is the first of the torments He will visit upon me. She was Percy’s wife before she was Subtirles My heart forgets all its anguish: And may the King, still more cruel, deny her the axe granted to me. For it was l who, spurred on by blind ambition, induced Anne to aspire to the throne.

So expert in treachery already, ennglish Put your trust in heaven. We must be brief and speak carefully and softly. Your name and your blood will be hated, disgraced and rejected. Oh, this love is torture for me.


Then this is the answer to your vow! Whether I have deserved this shame be thou the judge, O God. Yes, naked and unarmed l offer you my englis.

What are you saying? Only your judges must hear your defence. See that my royal name is respected. The people happily acclaim the new Queen. I am angry and hurt.

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But it is too great. I tremble at her every word! Are you too condemned to death, you who are innocent of any crime?