Omidvaram baraye to ham hamintor bashe. Home Cinema 83 Home Cinema – – He was not born, and never died but he had visited in this planet earth between an specific period. I feel the need, I touch it almost every day. He would be getting his due share of hell fire what he earned himself by writting those derogatory remarks against our beloved Ahlul Bait [as] and distortion of Historical facts about Karbala and Imam-e-Hussain [as]. Man be hich vajh hatta vojoode chizi be name khoda ro ham ghabool nadaram che berese be din o in harfa. Massoud Rajavi was a student of Dr.

Unfortunately, he didn’t live long enough for the muslim as well as the non-muslim world to truly recognize and admonish such a great and enlightened mind of the 20th century. I dont know very much abt Shariati but all i can say is; “He is a respectable man n i passionately luv his books” I’ve read Shariati’s few books they r wonderful n very informative.. Gobernanza de la zona euro. Taze in roopoosha kheili eslami bood,chon too oon tazahorati ke goftam sherkat kardim va nabayad bahaneh be daste kesi midadim. By I’m talking from young people. Vali please understand I do not live for money I just want money for living! Iran hezaro yek moshkele dige ham dare. Yashar said on October 21,

The generation you left behind are in dire need of shoulder to cry on. Be har hal, man az sohabt kardan ba to lezzat mibaram. Iran mirafty yeki mesle aashk gir miavordi. Imprimir Enviar por email. Congratulations not only on your site but for your very impressive organization.

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Gofte boodi inja TDR man ro nadide boodi. And I am not worried at all about the Americans and the Europeans, and all the westernised Chinese and Japanese, I know the Indians will do themselves good and do what is right, when they see it at the end.


I know I’ve said it in person, but for anyone reading the comments, its awesome! Salam, and thack you for keeping Sokot. Shariati made are translated to English, that will be a great deal.

I am thankful that you keep on blogging and share your v and your goodness! Oon tarafi ke dari rajebesh sohbat mikoni hamoonie ke man too thread i dorost karde boodam hey javabaamo midado tarif mikard??? Inja ye hafte baroone vahshatnake seil asa oomad ke record bood vali yehoii vaystad va yehkho be ghadri sard shode ke hame migan khoda be dade zemestoon berese.

Mashin alan mishe goft ke ride off shode. Man ham zemzeme mikardam chon yekho ba in ahang be yade chiz haii ke oon lahazate narahaty fekreshoono mikardam oftadam. Va hala baraye to chandin barabare ghabl ehteram ghaelam. I”m an Indigenous North American and Shariati was racist, case closed, end of story. If your business is not listed in our website, you can click on the link below to add your business for FREE. Great site, keep up the good work! I have never seen a better web site about Dr.

Manam kheili saram sholooghe va emshab bad az moddat ha amadam goftam alan in thread hatman rafte tahe tah az oonjaii ke hame yehoii gheib shodid. Va tamame dorane tahsilam dar iran oon shakk ro hatta ba moaddele 20 too cheshme hame mididam.

It is just that one I was looking for and I can say I have found it. I never get a chance to meet him; I wish I had seen him, even if it was just for one minute. Ziad az MLTY khosham nemiad: Shariati, i think that you are great!


Hey Damineh, rasti man add emaileto nadaram ke! Yashar akhe Mobile ke telephone hesab nemsihe!!! Yashar said on October 10, DaminehGessle said on October 11, Though I never met you in person, but familier with your school of thought and read as many of your books as my youth allowed. Everybody was listening carefully.

Man nemidoonam chera hey jamshid sokot mikonan. Inja kheili neshoonesh midan maahi ye bar intoria. I hope we can learn to be as a humanbeing and to live like that and reach so the absolutisom.

I just about passed v we site up in Bing but now I’m glad I clicked the link and got to go through it. Vaghean baese taassofe ke hamchin chizio beshnavam!

Agar enghad hame maaddi naboodan motmaen bash donyaye ma kheili donyaye behtari mishod va hamdigaro sare pool nemikoshtim. Ali thanx for all ur effort Dige too iraq e aghab oftade roozname kasi hagh nadasht vq journalist ha nazdik she. Sc in Sociology and M. I would love you receive more info and materials about Dr.

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Hal kardin cheghadr tahviletoon gereftam? I would like to know where I can get my hands on translations. I have found here content a joy.