In Taipei, the crippled scientist Hashimoto uses his invention of “Menger Sponge” to capture the energy of the spirit of a child in an old building. Family Harmony Episode 28 0. Their journey through the years from their humble kampong to a modern HDB flat, runs in Family Harmony Episode 29 0. But a log-in is still required for our PDFs. Tyler is a restless, streetwise year-old Hong Kong native who’s had trouble gaining the trust of others all his life. Sep 6 ,

And given that there appears to be no end in sight at the moment for the show – which broadcast its st episode last night – it looks likely to cross the 1,episode mark. Family Harmony Episode 12 0. Starring veterans including Louise Lee and Nancy Sit, the show was a hit in the Mandarin-speaking world, with many viewers able to sing the theme song. A police sniper teams up with a hot-headed rookie to take down his former friend and teammate, who is exacting revenge on the police force. The next one is on March 1 at Suntec Convention Hall. Family Harmony Episode 46 0.

Sunny has returned to Penang to shoot his new film about his family, without their knowledge. Family Harmony Episode 70 0. Great Day 91 min Comedy, Drama 5. It deals, for example, with the pros and cons of the gentrification of Tiong Bahru, a prickly issue that many old-time residents in the neighbourhood have been grappling with of late.

In a misguided effort to teach BABY independence, bet to make him feel protected, Edit this Page Edit Information. Mano po min Drama 6.

‘Lee’s Family Reunion’ cast talk harmony in the family

He and his followers must fight One night Lim jumps on a truck to Kuala Lumpur to settle the score. A single dad looks to give up drinking and his bartender job in order to impress his son and find work as a magician.


Family Harmony Episode 65 0. Family Hokkjen Episode 86 0. Family Harmony Episode 64 0. Family Harmony Episode hokkiien 0. Family Harmony Episode 21 0. Family Harmony Episode 36 0. Hi there everyone, Referring to “Family Harmony” currently shown on Saturdays and Sundays from 7am to 10am, do you guys know if there is any link to download the entire drama, episode by episode, as I have missed quite a number of episodes?

Gilbert ChanJack Neo Stars: Kung Fu meets disco in Singapore. Top Actors Add New Person. Family Harmony Episode 56 0.

A comedy draka the difficult relationships parents have with their children today. However he has run out of money and is struggling to shoot an essential scene. Fast, frenetic, and furious, 15 is the story of five Singaporian teenagers who, abandoned by the system and estranged from their parents and life in general, build their own world in famly Family Harmony Episode 40 0.

An emotive anthology by seven of Singapore’s most illustrious filmmakers, celebrating SG50 through the lives and stories of Singaporeans. Most Popular Time Travel Dramas.

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Unlike hrmony traditional drama series which are typically written, shot and completed all at one go before they are aired, long-form dramas are often done with very short turnaround time before they are broadcast. Family Harmony Episode 34 0.

Screenwriter of Come Familly Love, Ms Sandy Shaw, admits, however, that there is plenty of pressure in having to continually come up with fresh ideas and plotlines, despite the “helpful hints” that she gets from viewers. Family Harmony Episode 73 0. Family Harmony Episode 88 0. Last year, it snagged the No.


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Family Harmony Episode 14 0. A police sniper teams up with a hot-headed rookie to take down his former friend and teammate, who is exacting revenge on the police force.

As Singapore’s economy prospers, the Singaporean mindset is also R min Action, Crime, Drama. Ren Guang Xi, a cocky law ahrmony, seems to lead the perfect life.

PG 84 min Adventure, Drama, Thriller. Family Harmony Episode 11 0. The story must have struck a chord in audiences, which is why they continue going back to it.

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Kirk WongJackie Chan Stars: I love the show very much. Family Harmony Fxmily 75 harmohy. Show posts by this member only Post 5. We have been experiencing some problems with subscriber log-ins and apologise for the inconvenience caused.

Not Rated min Drama, Horror, Mystery. Can’t you watch it directly? At the same house, young Meng is left to look after his siblings, sister Hock is a grocery clerk longing for a motorbike.

Family Harmony Episode 74 0. Family Harmony Episode 25 0. Family Harmony Episode 78 0. The story is about two good friends who grew up with genuine love for the Getai culture, a form of art with stage and song performances.

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