I will be happy if you work properly. Cancel the cold drinks. I have kept the food at the table. You have already done a favour to me. Don’t fall prey of any charms. This is a hand grenade. You gave me happiness.

Come, how are you? You eat the ‘dal’. You ask me not to talk more. Why did you start looking for me. Sir is busy in a meeting. I am not scared of my father

It just it has got burned a little. I will decide, what is good for you.

Bichhoo (HD) – Bobby Deol – Rani Mukerji – Bollywood Full Movie – (With Eng Subtitles)

Today I have cooked properly. She is your mother. I don’t think that the shop will be open.

I have come here for the first time, have you come before? We work for money. Everyone take their positions, come on!

I say leave the girl. Tomorrow he is coming on the 2 O’clock flight from Delhi. I have no desire to answer all these irrelevant questions. We’ll be able to go out, isn’t it?


I haven’t kept any account of your money. Tomorrow morning come to the police station. What gift do you want? No drugs, no war.

Bichhoo (HD) – Bobby Deol – Rani Mukerji – Bollywood Full Movie – (With Eng Subtitles)

Sir, on 2nd October i. They are coming here to take my evidence. This is not a movie.

What has happened to you? Take a deep breath and fire. There is snglish place in this colony for people like you. What did you say? I cannot understand anything. I was great, but what did you do? This is your house, I am your family. Everyone has his own profession like doctor, lawyer, priest. The police is reaching there just now. Why is Nikki crying? I am not shocked to know shbtitles your profession.

You have come after a very long time, were you out of station? You also have brought me into a house where there is nothing.

Alright I have a flat in Karina, go and stay there. You leave this work. In the little time I spent with you I lived life to the fullest. The same that life and breaths have with each other.


Pankaj Kharbanda of Kharbanda const, was murdered Go home and call. I know you love me very much. Devraj – See Mr. I will tell you. You could have spread a different one.