D I like every single episode, must-watch serie! Jana is forced to realise that she can’t save everyone and must make a decision about her future. Whitewood work together to wake them all up, succeeding in the process. With Friends Like These. Ten mini-episodes known as Wolfblood Secrets , which also takes place between the fourth and fifth series, has aired. He has a big decision to make, but will he make the right choice? After Imara’s decision to send Matei and Emilia to Romania, she gives Jana an ultimatum to decide once and for all.

Wolfblood is a teen supernatural-drama television series, broadcast on the CBBC channel in the United Kingdom, and also shown worldwide. When Shannon accuses Jana of stealing her laptop, containing all the wolfblood secrets, the pack threatens to tear itself apart. Being a teenager is hard enough. On iPlayer On Choose an episode. This results in Jana being locked up in school and dangerous, Tom ending his relationship with Kay and Tom and Shannon attempting to calm Jana. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Rhydian returns, bringing danger with him, and Tom discovers Shannon has a secret. The Girl from Nowhere.

Alric visits Jana and tells her the wild pack will punish Rhydian themselves if he does not come back to the pack to beg for mercy, and Rhydian eppisode to go through with it, only so he can see his family and Jana again.

An online animated motion comic known as Wolfblood Alphawhich is in three parts, takes place after the fourth series.

Despite occasional conflicts with Maddy, she befriends Maddy, Rydian, Tom and Shannon and falls in love with the human world. Desperate Measures — Wolfblood, Series 2 Jana is after Shannon’s computer, and Maddy must decide where her best interests lie. Maddy is stuck with her schoolmates in a creepy old castle on Lindisfarne Island on the night of her first full moon transformation, and Shannon wants to test her theories and believes that Rhydian is in on it.


Meanwhile the news of Jana’s return spreads amongst the pupils of Bradlington High, and Dacia must convince Segolia veteran Victoria of her loyalty. Wolfblood is a teen supernatural-drama television series, broadcast on the CBBC channel in the United Kingdom, and also shown worldwide. Rhydian ends up passing out in PE, and he is taken to hospital to have a blood test. Has Madoc betrayed the pack? Rhydian wakes up from his drugged state to find that Kincaid has caged him and the other wolf-bloods.

Wolfblood season 2 episode 3 s2e3 – Dailymotion Video

A Time for Consequences official Trailer 1. TJ falls sick with a mystery illness. Alric returns with an ultimatum for Jana, and Rhydian has a choice to make. You continued the Wolfblood story Jana is after Shannon’s computer, and Maddy must decide where her best interests lie. Kyle successfully takes both of them down, then decides to take them to sell, thinking they’re normal wolves thought to be extinct in Britain.

TV shows that i want to watch. Liam, a boy at their school, then also begins investigating werewolves.

Wolfblood season 2 episode 3 s2e3

Tom and Kay, once again, make up after the previous events at the Kafe. Maddy episose her parents are the only wolfbloods qolfblood their area. Tom gets he has a crush on the new Maddy, and is jealous of Rhydian who he thinks is dating Maddy. An online animated motion comic known as New Moon Risingwhich comes in three parts, takes place between the third and fourth cvbc.

Ollie, Rhydian’s foster brother, follows Jana and Rhydian and almost discovers the secret. A new company of wolfbloods Segolia is discovered and Dacia, the messenger, claims Maddy is being shipped off to Canada.


What’s in store for the Wolfbloods? In more happier events, Tom and Shannon finally kiss, leaving thought as to whether they will become a couple.

Wolfblood – Season 2 Episode 3 – Grave Consequences – video dailymotion

Add the first question. Jana summons the strength to help locate TJ, but her interference backfires with devastating consequences. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Wolfbloood Number of comments 59 Number of loves The Girl from Nowhere — Wolfblood, Series 2 An unexpected arrival puts the wolfbloods in jeopardy and Maddy must choose sides.

After a fight, Maddy thinks that Dr Whitewood has her DNA and is close to discovering her secret but Shannon swaps it for hers before the secret sdries be discovered. The next day, the auditorium is vandalized with all of the artwork ruined, Jimi and the rest of their classmates pin it on Rhydian. Rhydian and Maddy discover that there are wolfbloods who don’t lock themselves up during cbvc full moon, called wild wolfbloods, which causes trouble when Tom and Shannon go beast-hunting.

Jana makes the shock decision that this will be her last full moon in the city.

Wolfblood Season 2 Episode 3

It’s the full moon and Alric returns to get revenge on Rhydian, and he and Maddy lie in danger. When one of their number disappears on the 22 day that an American girl joins their ranks, a group of English boarding school students embarks on solving a mystery.

The Cult of Tom.