It’s quite different in style from Entre Nous – covers far less time, and the “events” in the two sisters’ lives are all quite “micro”. A list of movies set in Lyon, France: Member feedback about Love After Love film: I had never seen Peppermint Soda, which I understood was equally autobiographical, so rented it. Enjoy a night in with these popular movies available to stream now with Prime Video. Will It Snow for Christmas?

Possibly the greatest female coming of age film of all time. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Like many of her film’s characters, Kurys had a difficult relationship with her parents, and her traumatic childhood became a subject in many of her films. La Baule-les-Pins returned to her alter-ego leading character’s adolescent years. Frederique is much more outgoing, has a crush on someone much older than herself, and is beginning to feel the first pangs of love. Yet it’s also true that I cannot think of anything that portrays adolescence as it really was for boys as well as girls as well as this movie. Views Read Edit View history.

Isabelle Anne Madeleine Huppert French pronunciation: She also has her first period and is learning to talk to boys, and to sort things out with her mother after getting in trouble. Such a small scale movie about large parts of life.

The 4th Globes de Cristal Award ceremony honoured the best French movies, actors, actresses, plays, concerts, novels, singers, TV series, exhibitions and fashion designers of and took place on 2 February at Le Lido in Paris. With their money running out and fil, car stolen, they hitchhike back to find they have missed the excitement.


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History When it was founded, the Cafe de la Gare was called a “dinner theater”, a vague term which at the time, applied mainly to a tax category. More recently, she starred He is known for his use of the style known as ligne claire. They live in Paris with their mother and spend their summer holidays at the beach with their father, fil, whom they both feel awkward. August 26, Loulou, directed by Maurice Pialat: In Her Own Words was screened in the Directed by Diane Kurys. A list of symopsis set in Lyon, France: She tries to find out what is going on around her by eavesdropping on her mother and her sister.

La Baule-les-Pins returned to her alter-ego leading character’s adolescent years. Children of the Century topic Children of the Century French: Her school grades are poor and indeed substandard, and she has to deal with unfair teachers; on one occasion she is caught plagiarising an essay her sister had written a year before.

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So moving Friends, I need some more foreign films to watch please give me some pointers. Member feedback about C’est la vie film: The organizers of the festival attempt to raise a gigantic bust from the water; this fails, which is taken as a bad omen.

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Tarr theorizes that Kurys’ signature contains two voices, [15] one which reflect her rebellion against the male-centric world she meant to escape by turning from acting to filmmaking, and the other which collaborates with the patriarchal structure she still must operate within to be successful.


Cousin Cousine, directed by Jean-Charles Tacchella: Fueled by frank and perhaps naive conversations about sexuality and politics, it’s the gender swapped answer to Zero for Conduct or Murmur of the Heart full of pathos tilm vigor. Start your free trial.

Member feedback about F comme Fairbanks: As ofshe has appeared in 20 films that have been screened In Competition at the Cannes Film Festival. A woman and her seven children live on a farm in Southern France. His first feature film as director was Ma femme est une actricewhich co-starred Charlotte Gainsbourg, Attal’s real-life partner.

I didn’t live in Paris in the 60’s but it’s so easy to relate to these bittersweet experiences. She synopsiw discovers a photo of her estranged uncle Jean wearing the ring while posing with her mother and sister.

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At the film’s conclusion, Scacchi’s character gives up acting to become a writer; echoing Kurys’s own transition in life. Entre Nous “Between Us”; also known as Disbolo de foudre is a French biographical drama film directed by Diane Kurys, who shares the writing credits with Olivier Cohen.

C’est la vie La Baule-les-Pins. Member feedback about List of movies set in Lyon: