The girls reflect on what they want to pursue. Led by Doremi Harukaze , the girls must maintain their double lives in secret. The Boys’ Secret” Transcription: The first was ballet, the other a boy. Demo Tomodachi ni Naritai! The fact that students are pointing out Naomi’s breasts are embarrassing her, causing her to be self-conscious about her body.

The first was ballet, the other a boy. For the Level 4 Exam, the witch apprentices must race the Witch World’s fastest hare and tortoise through an obstacle course. The final Patissier Exam, the final chance to prove the girls are worthy of their crystals. Pop grows affection for her new P. The son of a Taiyaki maker is fed up with his father criticizing him, and goes to the Maho-do to start his business. Tamaki falls under the virus of the Witch Queen. When the girl follows Pop, she declares her to be a big sister. Ojamajo Doremi took a brief hiatus until early , when Toei Animation announced news of making Ojamajo Doremi Na-i-sho.

The Admiration of Mr. Hazuki feels that she and Yada are becoming more distant as he becomes closer to Shiori.

When a flute is broken by an honor student with a crush, Onpu takes the blame. Aiko fears Doremi’s grandfather due to an accident when she was young. On the day of graduation, Doremi refuses to naishp school in fear of losing her friends forever. Hana decides to cure her for her Level 1 exam. While the girls finish up the tapestry, brambles spread more and more.


This conflicts with her schedule, and since most of the apprentices are Japanese, she fails the girls immediately. Hana won’t eat a certain vegetable sweet recipe. Hazuki and Aiko find naishp Doremi’s secret of being a witch apprentice after the stunt she pulls on Parents’ Day, so they must also become witch apprentices to protect Doremi. Articles lacking sources from November All articles lacking sources Wikipedia articles needing clarification from February Articles containing Japanese-language text.

Things get complicated along the way. Hana gets lost during the Summer Festival, but meets a mysterious boy and makes him promise not to let go epsode her hand.

Once again the class, this time with Tamaki, make a trip to Yamauchi’s temple to test their courage. The girls go into a Storybook world, with the characters portrayed by notable people during the season.

Ojamajo Doremi Na-i-sho episode 3

Ojamajo Doremi series Lists of anime episodes. Mahou Dai Kessen ” Japanese: Aiko’s Tearful Reunion” Transcription: Hazuki secretly wants to apply to her dream school, but becomes conflicted over choosing her desires over staying with Doremi.

Majo Ran refuses to use magic, and is trying to get to the Queen’s castle. Coincidentally, the next Health Nasho for Hana checks the baby’s appetite.

Ojamajo no Shiren ” Japanese: Ojamajo Doremi Na-i-sho is an original video animation series created by Toei Animation in Majo Sekai no Mune Sawagi ” Japanese: Hana’s next health examination and Pop’s Level 4 apprentice dorrmi occur at the same time. As the class settles in Kyoto, Kotake tries to protect Doremi ddoremi Akatsuki and Hana is turned back into a baby so the girls must hide her for the night.


Ojamajo’s Assistance In Battle” Transcription: The rainbow that comes after gives the girls an idea for removing a bramble from the Past Queen.

Surprisingly, the exam is one they will have to take separately. No sooner, a direct sequel, Ojamajo Doremiwas created near the end of the show’s run and aired right after Ojamajo Doremi’ s end. Battle of Adventurers and Kinnikuman.

Ojamajo Doremi Na-i-sho Episode 3

Majo Rika tells them that the plant must be burned, but Pop disagrees, saying it is her fault. Pop grows affection for her new P. The girls get a hold of Majoruka’s crystal ball and are challenged to a magical duel for control of the shop.

Baba remembers one of the Past Queen’s children due to the resemblance of the cups. Kokoro no Tobira ” Japanese: Aiko’s mother comes to visit, but she is unable to face her daughter. Chaidoru no Ichijutsu ” Japanese: If they don’t, they can naishk see Hana again and never return to the Witch World until Hana becomes the new queen of the Witch World.

They reunite with Pao as the Queen and Majo Rin look into an old legend.