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During the night shift, the interns encounter an evil spirit in the hospital. Meanwhile, Yamini tells Avni about her love for Sarthak. Add Image S2, Ep5. Later, the students experience their first delivery operation and Ranbir performs well and makes the doctor proud. Add Image S2, Ep2. At a party, Prateek meets Ranbir and introduces him to Avni. Despite his scepticism, Vivaan eventually realises that the only person who can help him is Avni.

A mysterious clown hypnotises Ranbir, tortures him and attempts to kill him. Add Image S2, Ep5. Seher lies to Sam when he asks her where she is. Sarthak needs the fourth file and abducts Sarthak. Seher’s father disowns her when he comes to know about her affair with Ranveer. Meanwhile, Vivaan hears that the file has been misplaced. When She calls Vivaan, Sarthak secretly overhears the conversation and gets to know about the antidote. While the entire class was frivolously cleaning the washroom, Vivaan enters and scolds them for not being serious.

Fanah, Sarthak injects himself to get the powers of a vampire. Vivaan gets to know that Avni is a pure blood. Vivaan tries to dodge Avni but incidentally gets stuck in an elevator with her.

Episodd tells the class to pick a team leader among them. See also TV Schedule. Everyone plans on throwing a New Year party but Avni is not interested.


Add Image S2, Ep9. Sarthak is suspicious anout Jo’s activities. Later, Avni informs Vivaan about Sarthak’s coma. Add Image S2, Ep1. Avni sneaks in Dr.

Avni sees her past and realizes that she and Vivaan were lovers in her previous life. An Impossible Love Story —. Add Image S2, Ep While the entire class was frivolously cleaning the washroom, Vivaan enters and scolds them for not being serious. The class despite several mistakes does a good work in the nursery. Avni and her friends apologize to Vivaan for their mistakes and Vivaan gives them the task of babysitting in the nursery. Vivaan and Anvi’s argument leads her to believe that she was wrong about him.

Later, Meghna in Jo’s disguise takes 227 vials from Vivaan and gives it to Sarthak which makes Sarthak very happy as the vials will make him invincible and help him destroy Vivaan.

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Later, Samir saves Ranbir from getting killed by his father. Avni’s parents think of Prateek as the perfect match for Avni. Meanwhile, Avni is drooling over Vivaan and confesses to Rose about her growing affection towards him. Avni, Prateek, Sarthak, Rose and Ranbir’s drunken escapades bring them to the same hospital fanaaah which they are supposed to start their medical career.


Meghna urges Sarthak to get Avni’s blood in order to get more powerful than Vivaan.

At the end Pratheek manages to bring Avni back to class by convincing Meghna. Add Image S2, Ep5.

Vivaan throws the flowers fabaah by Avni but Avni walks in at that time and apologizes to him. Sameer is shocked to know that Seher works in the hospital and is Ranbir’s ex-girlfriend. Meanwhile, Vivaan watches the crime videos and figures out that Ranbir is in danger.

Yamini gets upset when Sarthak tears her dress while hugging him and, she runs away from him annoyed by his behavior. Vivaan orders the students to spend a day in the morgue. Add Image S2, Ep3.

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Add Image S2, Ep7. Joe and Avni bond over the New Year party. Vivaan tells Avni that he is a vampire when she awakens him. Vivaan also attempts to save the haunted hospital but is shocked to know that Avni saved Sarthak.