Now you will get into this car and come with us to the lawyer’s. The Amara On Demand. Than those men would have been already caught. You also left without finishing the house. I won’t wait until the evening. If I had not touched you first, none of those would have happened. We left the kids at my mother-in-law’s.

Publicado por ramiro pablo Fernandez chiclla en 0: Connect to YouTube No thanks. You can’t take it away easily. Download Fatmagulun sucu ne 77 bolum english subtitles. Who are you shooting? There’s nothing you should worry about. I got curious and wanted to watch the wedding. And she’s lying to me, saying she didn’t read them.

What do you get all these thoughts?

You won’t be able to get your money this way. This girl here is very sad, Kerim. We need to get to Fatmagul as soon is possible. I hope will be done on time. You should have seen their faces.

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I have spoken to Kadir Abi, if anything comes out of this. Just speak to him. We had received the alarm signal. Gul Mutfagi now up englosh running, they don’t need me to be there much. But I wasn’t satisfied, so I took her to the house. Go to your wife, I’ll get your father. Kerim will be so surprised when he sees everything has finished. She is doing this on purpose to make me mad. But let’s not talk about it today.


Episode 33 English subtitles. The wedding has just started for me! Chapter 78 is also available to view online at this site and there is also the option to download for this and all the chapters of Fatmagul of and with english subtitles HQ All chapters of Fatmagul with english subtitles can see them here in fatmagultube. He said that that guy will come today, to do the varnishing job of the house.

Where are you taking them? Someone might see you, recognize you. Publicado por ramiro pablo Fernandez chiclla en 0: I’ll give you one before you go. EP 1 28 Jan The man is fighting for his life. We just need his help. Don’t take the mickey, I swear I smack ssubtitles frying pan on your head. I don’t care if it’s burning to the ashes!

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After what happened later on, we decided not to wait for any longer. I just want to 7 a shower and put my head on the pillow.

I’m sure there’s a good reason for what she’s doing. I wishy they could come outside, so we could see the wedding dress. Officer– – What were you doing at that house?

There is nothing left to do for Kerim. We’ll be waiting to hear from you. I’m sure he had a good time. She managed to get into that man’s mind and made him marry her. I bet, reporters will be around all the time. You should not be worried, there is no force used on doors or windows. I didn’t want to.


She was walking in her room, then going to the balcony Come on girl, drink some. Connect to YouTube No thanks. Fatmagul Que Culpa Tiene Latino. Everything looks normal and all the fuses shutdown. Ay Yapm Fatmagln Suu Ne Before I came down here I finished painting the entrance. She is asking because, a miserable woman didn’t say hello to Fatmagul If the mountain doesn’t come to you, then you need to go to the mountain. Fatmagul Episode 73 Promo.

They shoved the gun in his hand and let him chase Kerim around We won’t accept these accusations. We’ll find out whether this will be sorted at court or in the consulate. The narrative below is just for Part 1, of Episode