In both France and West Germany, the battle cries calling for large-scale site occupations, so prevalent in the preceding years, were dropped almost overnight, at least for a time. For social movement actors and for social scientists alike, it can be very difficult to predict beforehand the success or failure of a particular protest event. Production and development funding. Nevertheless, these networks fostered exchange, 3 A. Tijdens de betoging tegen een kernreactor in het Franse Creys-Malville op 31 juli , werden West-Duitse deelnemers door de Franse autoriteiten beschuldigd van geweld dat tot een dode en drie gewonden had geleid. I will then discuss how developments in West Germany in late led to a rapid change in the conditions of protest in France in Protest there attracted international attention when the locals hosted spectacular rallies in , , and that drew crowds of 50,, people.

Rapport du Colonel Roy, op. In a way, the success of the mobilisation in Gorleben was made possible by the earlier failure in Malville: Production and development funding. As in Wyhl, the possibility of a long-term occupation facilitated contact and trust-building between locals and outsiders. Transnationality as a Liability? Film industry statistics and reports. Tompkins however unequal, and reinforced linkages between protest in France and West Germany.

Grohnde was the site of another nuclear power plant soege a particularly militant protest occurred on 19 March This laid the foundation for an important Franco-German alliance within the transnational movement against nuclear power.

Serge Poljinsky

As the example of Malville demonstrates, protest experience in one place and time is not always a reliable indicator of what will happen elsewhere — or even in the same place a year later. In spite of this immediate wave of solidarity, the long-term impact of the protest at Malville was discouraging for the anti-nuclear movement in France. One police officer lost his hand when he failed to lob a grenade fast enough; another grenade exploded just in front of a demonstrator from Lyon, who then had to have part of his right leg amputated.

For example, by working in cross-border networks, activists may be able to circumvent limitations in their own country, apply pressure from abroad against local opponents and select the best terrain for fighting for their cause from among various national and international venues.


De antinucleaire beweging in Malville In het onderzoek naar sociale bewegingen wordt transnationaliteit vaak als een voordeel gezien. Transnati onalit y as aiege Liability? Het kan echter ook etzt uitwerken en een ambivalente of tegengestelde impact hebben.

Protesters and their adversaries constantly adapt to one another, changing their strategies to tune their actions to the expectations, emotions and perceived conditions of the moment. No exact number is given, but eight squadrons of Gendarmerie mobile took part in the operation.

Though this figure would be dwarfed the following year when Germans came in far greater numbersthe authorities appear to have been alarmed by the presence of international activists.

Courses, training and conferences for teachers. Freiburg, Archiv Soziale Bewegungen asb De antinucleaire beweging in Malville.

Within their calculations, transnationality is neither a simple variable nor one with unambiguous consequences: In Alsace and Baden, activists from both sides of the Rhine fought together against a nuclear power plant in Fessenheim France, starting ina lead processing plant in Marckolsheim France, and planned nuclear power plants in Breisach and Wyhl West Germany, and Hours after the demonstration and several miles from where confrontations between demonstrators and police had taken place earlier in the day, police arrested 11 Germans, 2 Swiss, and 6 French citizens.

Nevertheless, these networks fostered exchange, 3 A. The Demonstration on 31st July In the end though, the greatest problem was the violence that occurred during the Sunday demonstration.

Press releases and media enquiries. Anti-nuclear protesters were incensed and, over the course of the next few weeks, tried with varying degrees of violence and non-violence. Protesters of every stripe thus found 10 Transnati onalit y as a Liability?

Tijdens de betoging tegen een kernreactor in het Franse Creys-Malville op 31 juliwerden West-Duitse deelnemers door de Franse autoriteiten beschuldigd van geweld dat tot een dode en drie gewonden had geleid. Use film and TV in my classroom.

Brokdorf thus cast a shadow over Malville, leading.

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Main navigation for mobiles. Your National Lottery funded project. The police thus effectively exploited the transnational character of the demonstration against it, fostering xenophobia, arbitrarily expelling foreigners and making them into scapegoats.


Back to the top. Door dit protest in een transnationaal en chronologisch overzicht te plaatsen van Frans en West-Duits verzet tegen kernenergie, toont dit artikel hoe gebeurtenissen in West-Duitsland een belangrijke invloed hadden op die in Frankrijk, maar ook hoe transnationaliteit interageerde met fundamentelere problemen van locale mobilisatie.

The ambiguous end to the demonstration led to two important changes in the structure of the Malville support movement thereafter. This article explores in detail one infamous case where the transnational nature of protest was turned from an advantage into a liability for its protagonists.

Even these could backfire badly in the French setting though. In part as a result of the police action, the good relations between locals and their outside supporters that had been so vital in other struggles remained underdeveloped in Malville. But the non-violent actions of July are themselves inscribed in a longer history of transnationally networked, local struggles in Europe during the s that contributed to the emergence of a transnational anti-nuclear movement.

‎Malville: état de siège () directed by Serge Poljinsky • Film + cast • Letterboxd

Selling to the BFI. Find out about international touring programmes. Dit artikel werkt een case uit waar het transnationale karakter van een troef wijzigde in een blok aan het been. The occupation of the construction site for a nuclear power plant in Seabrook, New Hampshire was also directly inspired by the actions at Wyhl.

Fontainebleau, Archives Nationales,art. Film industry statistics and reports. This protest was plagued by a number of problems that were only marginally related to the transnational character of the mobilisation, but the French government played up foreign participation, notably by West German demonstrators, as a means of undermining the protest.