Rather it’s taking all possible cliches and making a quite stereotype soap drama. Kyoko Kurosawa 11 episodes, Comments by donna [Rating: You really want the main characters to stay together and to show their love in public even if it’s wrong and a crime. My goodness, Matsushima’s character goes through SO much. The other thing I question is if the roles had been reversed would my attitude be different. It just seemed like lousy casting to me, period. On the outside, Michi has a good life.

Not that I claim it is right or wrong, but it has been done before, and most importantly – it has been done better. O Nothing to to see at all with the interpretation of Koyuki Engine in the teacher role! Hikaru personality are weird, and also he doesn’t have a talent or something to show off, only because he have a bike like that, and then sensei can runaway with him. But there is also passion Geisel, 42, a former teacher at Christian Brothers Academy, was indicted Friday on charges that also include engaging in a criminal sexual act with her former student. Also this show is way too repetitive.

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I wouldn’t exactly call it an anti-climax but I will say that it was a bit strange. I would fall on Onizuka as a yr old bike gang rather 2. The only drawback ,ajo me about the series itself was the ending, it was abit confusing and left viewers hanging But Matsushima Episoce Michi is a bit too irresponsible and immature, and makes it difficult for me to believe that she is a grown adult and teacher.

Although their situation would’ve been alot less complicated if the couple had at least waited till Hikaru turned 18 before they embarked on such a controversial relationship, but if they had waited, then there wouldn’t even be a story or a purpose would it?


The reactions of those around the lead couple would’ve been essentially the same for any other taboo relationship; namely, a scant few have the wisdom and compassion to understand Hikaru’s uncle, Michi’s mother, Kinoshitabut the vast majority are too selfish and close-minded to see that certain details – age, race, gender, anything – really aren’t so big a deal when two people love each other.

I thought that Michi jumping right from her near marriage, to a love affair with a student rather too quick.

It’s like the direction is for the audience to root for the couple instead. Sena is a college graduate who dreams of becoming a world class pianist. For starters, this drama stars Takizawa Hideaki. But if u’l just focus on the love that they have, you can say that they deserve each other. It was interesting to see the script present the relationship between Michi and Hikaru as something pure and even forbiidden.

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Actually, I found his character quite stiff, and uninteresting. Connections Spoofed in Stand Up!!: Then there is Michi’s parents, the conflict in their family.

Was this review helpful to you? Comments by Superpimp2g [Rating: They really makes forbiddej feel how love can change your life and the way you think.

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So, a must for the romantic persons! My goodness, Matsushima’s character goes through SO much. Michi, a 26 year old high school math teacher, tentatively accepts her boyfriend’s proposal of marriage, uncertain of her love for him but feeling pressure from her father and society to do what is expected of her. A mother who always stands on the epidode of her daughter.

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All in all, good actors, horrible horrible plotline. She wants him to inherit his father clinic, so he must study to fulfil her dream, in the meanwhile she use a doctor to keep the clinic on going and she use him 4 her sexual desires, like an anti-stress ball, the doctor is the true victim!


I can understand why people have a problem with the storyline, and from a realistic point of view, there are a lot of unanswered questions. I start like her in GTO but after this movie, I fell in love np her: Makes no difference if the underage student is a boy or joken, how physically and mentally mature the student is, and how willful the student’s participation.

And I found myself even rooting for the main leads to stay together. Yu Godai 11 episodes, Rin Ozawa But for me personally, this series was enjoyable I am going to rewatch this, probably another 2 or 3 times, jajo understand more about what the story and characters tries to convey.

The drama at times I believe had the characters doing some very stupid things.

Reviewed by johnjeon on 23 September Shirakawa Yumi Hirose Motoko Michi’s mother. Majo no jouken Infopage Big5. Also known as “Great Teacher Onizuka.

The place of freedom we so desperately desire in our own lives was shown to me and to others who have seen this and who will jjouken this. The chemistry between Matsushima Nanako and Takizawa Hideaki was great. The female lead however Reviewed by xploring on 8 July But the love between them grew too quick, i don’t know why michi love hikaru so much beside his pretty face.