Like them on Facebook Visit their official website http: Months after, Galema finally gave birth to a baby boy and a snake. Morgan Matteo Guidicelli , Galema’s long time friend, proposed to Galema. The last time I saw Sheryl Cruz in the flesh was in our house in the late 80’s since her Dad and my Uncle were good friends. Retrieved December 28, You all thought she’s going to be that kind mother everyone wants, but do you remember Zuma transferring a lot of venom on her? But, Zuma’s poison in her body prevailed, so she became Galema’s biggest enemy.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. My kind of gaming spans years of spending it in arcades. Retrieved September 17, So Gina arranged a party on their house. At the swimming pool, Zuma appeared to get Ethan Lance Lucido , but before that, Galema showed up and challenged Zuma for a fight. It’s bittersweet says Director Wenn Deramas because it’s been a long time that I have forged friendships again in a show. Posted by John Michael Bueno at

My highschool accomplishments include a little byline of championing two Gomez’s Juanita Banana Pablo S. This hurts so much for Galema knowing that she is Zuma’s daughter with Galela.

Galema Finale Airs on March 28, 2014

Galema, longing for her mother’s acceptance, did anything her mother wants, including leaving the house because Galela remembers what Zuma did to her everytime she sees Galema. I t was a festive afternoon that welcomed me and a couple of blogger friends and celebrities at SM Manila a few weeks ago during the M Well categorically it was Director Wenn who said that during a consultation, he’s the in house therapist they say.

Bench and Congresswoman Luc After a while, Galema got pregnant, the doctor said that there is a baby but there is a mysterious long creature surrounding the baby’s neck.


Andi Eigenmann says she will miss the cast and is very thankful that the management continue to trust her as she’ll be in Dyesebel too right after this. Morgan Matteo GuidicelliGalema’s long time friend, proposed to Galema. Matteo adds that he’d probably be loving Sarah only and fight for that. Pages using infobox television with editor parameter. Launches New Store in S Posted by John Michael Bueno at Even Galema doesn’t know if he loves the new snake daughter he has in the show.

Meanwhile, Joseph Bodie Cruzproposed to Gina. Second, she tried to burn her. Joseph, not knowing Galema has a child that is a snake, thought that the snake will bite him.

GALEMA : ANAK NI ZUMA March 26, Teaser – video dailymotion

After that, the amulet, the object that can make Galema a normal person. All along, Galela thought that her child with Zuma was dead. Watch how she’ll have the last battle with Sheryl Cruz in the last few days of Galema: Yalema Bagong Yugto Angelito: Yes, these mangoes are from the Philippines, b How about a Stevia plant?

The series is streaming online on YouTube. But, Morgan’s loyalty for Galema prevailed so he immediately pushed Gina away. Years later, Galema and Morgan’s children grew older. Galela was the one who was really surprised, because she saw Galema’s snake in her own eyes.

Galema should be the one to wear it so that she will be a normal human being, but, her love for Sophia prevailed and decided to give it to her. Patron’s Momay Pablo S. That and the amulet will make her transform into a half snake half human anti hero in this series.


But, Zuma’s poison in her body prevailed, so she became Galema’s biggest enemy.

One day, Isabel tried to ask Galela, if her child with Zuma survived, and she is in favor on our side on defeating Zuma, would you accept her? Have you heard or seen a NONI fruit?

Galema: Anak Ni Zuma’s Finale on March 28! –

Through the years, Galema grew like a normal person despite her twin snakes surrounded on her neck, she can hide it by her hair. COM wants to redefine what everyday life should be for the Filipino Man. Anak ni Zuma Lit: ABS-CBN drama series Philippine television series debuts Philippine television series endings Philippine drama television series Philippine action television series Fantaserye and telefantasya Television programs based on films Television programs based on comics.

The cast is tight knit, very close, like family because the experience working almost every day for the past few months needed that relationship for the story to work. At the end, Galema managed to defeat Zuma but not kill because Zuma can’t dieby putting all her poison in Zuma’s body before returning it to him she managed to beheaded Zuma in the past.

It was awesome seeing him in the green On the other hand, Galela, is slowly accepting Galema in her life. Views Read Edit View history. Make it episove MemoirMag!