These Kids by Where’s Waldorf reviews A celebration of all the characters and their dynamics on Gossip Girl through stories about their children. Episodes of the TV Shows Watched in Others tell her he is an awful man. You paid a lot of money to fill those worry lines. This is a one-shot about how Blair enacts her revenge. Can his friends and family keep Chuck from losing it all over again? Thanksgiving with the Waldorf-Rose van der Bass Humphrey family in the year of the fast-forward because they have much to be thankful for.

A story of lost love and tragedy. Blair and Chuck manage to convince Lily that Bart is evil. As a result, Chuck’s second mission becomes to show Blair that love is indeed worth the occasional pain. It just made the current Dan look that much worse. Jude’s are running an online matchmaking survey called Perfect Match. I agree with that. Can they fix their broken relationship?

We all begin in the same places, more or less, don’t we? Rufus is dating Lisa Loeb.

Dorota Kishlovsky Barry Watson Blair is preparing her fashion show when yet another disaster strikes. Goseip that takes two days or until the baby is born, you can have the limo. S – I like the characters better. It’s set after S6. Being pregnant complicates things. J – Right—or Ryan.

Remember, though, how they were annoying giel all hell but were both essentially nice people? Bart Bass Yin Chang Condition is New with tags.

New Girl Season 6, Episode 2 Live Stream, Watch Online

Chuck and Blair, takes place during 5x There were twists, there were turns, there was the x602 of federal law. The space between 1×07 and 1x The Charles Bass Affair by scarlett2u reviews Charles Bass is a brilliant businessman, a playboy billionaire…and a jewel thief?


Chuck has somewhere to start now. Rated M for language and sexual content.

Legacy by varietyofwords reviews Chuck and Blair. And then he totally blows off Nelly Yuki for watcy hot redhead! A whirlwind of how Chuck and Blair are and always will be. Would Chuck and Blair find their way back to each other, or will onlinw past keep them separated forever? Ehh… friendship be damned, eh?

Henry and his parents. His only problem is he is a gigolo and gigolos can’t fall in love.

Both descriptions are accurate. Chuck tries to bully Amira into talking about it. Nate offers to print it verbatim because he needs a coup for The Spectator now that he cut loose his Gossip Girl story. Could he be more up himself? Twelve by varietyofwords reviews Chuck and Blair. Be sure to have tissues nearby! Daddy flew all the way from France to make his pie with his daughter and his grandson. A story based off of Hades and Persephone from Greek mythology. One of the many ways things could go when Blair wakes up in the hospital.

Lily van der Woodsen Matthew Settle And on Gossip Girl the goal is to win the social scene. Chuck deserved to be free of him. But, I would want to be friends with Summer. Almost Asleep by flutterbyfree reviews “Blair, we’re not living in Paris in the twenties. Or the disaster scene.


Eyes Open by Taylor. Blair shivers in her sleep and naturally reaches over to Chuck’s side of the bed. She called Lola and summoned her back to New York. My response to the prompt for the second day of the third Chair Week, first wedding anniversary.

High Infidelity

New Traditions by nondescriptf reviews Chuck Bass might not “do” birthdays, but everyone knows that Blair Bass most certainly does. Goasip season 4 should have ended for Chuck and Blair. One-shot extract from Whenever, Wherever.

hossip I’ll Carry You Home by purplebass reviews Post 5×24 fic. Two Beautiful Strangers by ellibells reviews When two complete strangers meet in a bar, it can surely only be the buzz of alcohol that causes a tingling sensation when they touch?

Gossip Girl S01E02 – The Wild Brunch – video dailymotion

But not as weird as Nate cooking the books. Eventually Chuck and Blair are going to stop holding hands, Chuck and Blair are going to stop going to the movies.

Not if Chuck can help it. Her lead It Girl drops out because of a scheduling conflict.