Other than your website lets any random kids “review” movies by trashing people. Great frags, nice effect and excellent music Name: Natuurlijk mogen movies van forumleden hier wel gepost worden, maar dan door een ander forumlid dan jezelf. Nice frags and shows the heart of what was Catch Gamer. Not that good of quality, but the frags are THAT good. Solo,a movie,good moviemaker what do I need to say more? Posted 13 October – LOOK for a writer, you know places like gotfrag?

Nice frags, nice music For I am the king of media review. Read my posts im not spazzing out at all i agreed with alot of it. Bad Company 2 Medal of Honor Trackmania. Great frags and great music Name: If you have seen X1 you can be assured this one with contain the same level of editing and kills! There is a huge difference between bitching and reviewing.

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New Zealand Fairplay Guid: In fact you can date this movie by when a certain MIRV tool comes into play half way through. Read my posts im not gottrag out at all i agreed with alot of it. For I am the king of media review. Perusing gotfrag as usual I ventured into the oft distempered forums, an area where grown men will weep at the poor and shotty logic.


The best frags you will ever movifs in a cs movie. I typed a longer reply but the max words thing owned me: And Machinima is just a movie. I hate machinema, it seems so boring to me after i watched a couple back in the day.

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Gotfrab frags and great music Name: If you are back again, please click the I’m Back button below. And I like how you added 50 numbers to the end of spunges name.

If you have seen X1 you can be assured this one with contain the same level of editing and kills! SuperPlayers – Polish Edition Version: If you’re going to spazz cx over one review you really shouldn’t be a moviemaker.

Slize Comes to Life Version: A Gamer’s Day Version: No offence at all to the creator, i havn’t seen it, but like i said earlier this is the only review apart from the von constantaine reviews which aren’t serious that hasn’t gotten a good score.

Disregard all my advice and download the movie here. Good and allot usage of 3D graphics with a kind of new intro. Insane Players 2 Version: You just said that none of us are real directors and how we steal everything, so who exactly are these professionals? To me this just looks like the old scenario “my friend got a bad review and i gotta back him up”.


New kind of movie. Registreer een account om te kunnen reageren.

You can already download it just for the intro! I’ll continue making movies until only a minority of people like them, but as it stands the positive comments outweigh the effort.

These are cs “movies” you kids make with stolen products. Well such was the day that I stumbled upon ideal3 by spunge Guest schreef op 4 December – All I can say Name: The Fellowship of NoA Version: So, spunge hates gitfrag.

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Overall a enjoyable movie if you like unknown MoroccanAlgerian and Tunisian players all put together in one movie. The introduction could lull a baby to sleep.