Wahin wahin pe qayamat ho woh jidhar jaayein Jhuki jhuki hui nazron se kaam kar jaayen Tadapta chhod dein raste mein aur guzar jaayen Sitam to yeh hai ke dil le lein aur mukar jaayen Samajh mein kuchh nahin aata ki hum kidhar jaayen Yahi iraada hai yeh kah ke hum to mar jaayen. One another famous qawwali which I just love,is from the movie Mughal-E-Azam: One suggestion about translating this song into English is being taken up by me. July 8, at Rather, qawwals sing very loudly and forcefully, which allows them to extend their chest voice to much higher frequencies than those used in Western singing, even though this usually causes a more noisy or strained sound than would be acceptable in the West. These songs feature exquisite poetry, and can certainly be taken at face value, and enjoyed at that level. To be very frank I knew very little about the great qawwali artists.

These traditions have changed, however, as is evident by the popularity and acceptance of female singers such as Abida Parveen. Give me some time. I feel it was really useful. Although famous throughout the world, its hub remains the Punjab province of Pakistan from where it gained entry into the mainstream commercial music industry and international fame. Hope you will like it: We have Biggest Collection of Hindi Songs Lyrics, so you can search your favorite songs lyrics by movies names, by artist names, by music directors and lyricists.

That is a beautiful one too. The opening hamd is traditionally followed by a naat.

One suggestion about translating this song into English is being taken up by me. Thank you very much Jitoo, for this informative piece. As the main song begins, the tabla, dholak and clapping begin. However, I could locate a link to the song from Mughal-E-Azam.


The word Sama is often still used in Central Asia and Turkey to refer to forms very similar to Qawwali, and in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, the formal name used for a session lkot Qawwali is Mehfil-e-Sama. I smiled and grinned and felt the most amazing sense that comradery an laughter.

July 14, at 3: Jitoo Uncle, Your efforts have helped us get into a deeper insight. Legendary qawwals of the past: Also in qawwali, there is no distinction between what is known loot the chest voice and the neck voice the different areas that sound will resonate in depending on the frequency sung.

Although Abida Parveen performs many songs that are in the traditional qawwali repertoire, she does not perform them in the traditional qawwali style. Thank you for your merits to provide such valuable content. To be very frank I knew very little about the great qawwali artists.

The lyrics are great. However, qawwali has remained an exclusively male business. You have gone to great lengths to bring it to us and I found it very interesting. A group of qawwali musicians, called a party or Humnawa in Urdutypically consists of eight or nine men including a lead singer, one or two side singers, one or two harmoniums which may be played by the lead singer, side singer or someone elseand percussion.

Hope you will like it: November 20, at 7: Admiring the time and effort you put into your website and in depth information you provide.

Hame To Lut Liya Mil Ke Lyrics – Al Hilal (1958)

Try it, enjoy it and let me have your feedback. June 23, at 9: One another famous qawwali which I just liyya from the movie Mughal-E-Azam: Traditional sequence of a Chishtiya Sufi order qawwali performance: Try it and see.


Give me some time. In Hyderabad qawwali raatein and ghazal evenings are quite popular drawing lovers of poetry and music. I always enjoy qawwali.

Hamein To Loot Liya Milke Husn Walon Ne Lyrics – Al Hilal

There are still no mainstream female qawwals. In fact, in Pakistan and Indiaghazal is also a separate, distinct musical genre in which many of the same songs are performed in a different musical style, and in a secular context.

Songs are usually arranged as follows: You must participate in a contest for the most effective blogs on the web. Share your favourite lines from lyrics by selecting the lines and click on “FShare” button that appears. Also that Nabi, Siddiq, Shaheed, and Saleh category of faithfuls are never dead, just gone into some other state nqme where they visit whenever they are mentioned, especially if there is a function in their honor. There is also a chorus of four or five men who repeat key verses, and who aid and abet percussion by hand-clapping.

If there is only one percussionist, he plays the tabla and dholak, usually the tabla with the dominant hand and the dholak with the other one i. September 25, at 6: Kathleen A Dahlkemper says: Hamein to loot liya milke husn walon ne Kaale kaale baalon ne, gore-gore waloon ne Hamein to loot liya milke husn hane ne Kaale kaale baalon ne, gore-gore gaalon ne.