She resides on a hillock named Yanagundi, India which is kms from Hyderabad. They could not surmise her real nature. He locked her up in the temple of Virabhadraswamy in that village. If you are an international tourist you may want to check the requirements for Driver’s Licence and road regulations with the Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport department. She was the last of four children. She also kept her plate and glass separate from others. Chandra Choodeswarar Temple, Hosur – A photo from the year They followed the religious life with ardor and did not miss any rituals they were told to or followed by their elders or priests.

She would collect little pebbles, pile them up under a tree and look for Lord Shiva in it. You could take a Cab, hire a private taxi or drive. Mystics, Sufis and Yogis form a brotherhood of their own. To visit Amma’s Ashram, white clothes are compulsory. She thought that this inauspicious omen would surely make them drop the proposal of marriage. He came as a messenger of life.

He octber her up in the temple of Virabhadraswamy in that village. That room was adjacent to the room in which Amma had been locked up. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. O Lord Narasimha, you are everywhere. Sri Sri Sri Devirammanavar Temple, chikkade. The expenses of the marriage were borne by a devotee of hers. It would have been impossible for any infant to survive and live with so many oddities and ill treatments.

Retrieved from ” https: In the 10th century, Hosur was known as Chevidapadi, and in the 13th century, Hosur was known as Murasunadu, From 16th century onwards, it is been called as Hosur. But how could she be saved? Sri Sri Sri Devirammanavar Temple.

She would even bathe herself and spend long hours worshipping Lord Shiva at home or under some tree. Shree Nagappa Temple,Chikkana Halli. His madness was cured on the instant. When Manikamma was eight years old, she was sent to watch in the cornfield. She must do something to put and end to her life, She saw in the jungle huge serpent hills as tall as a tree.


Sri Chakra in Somanatheswara Temple. This meant for having a power of giving Childrens those who are not having childrens for long period of time. Sharpa Dooshathere is a power of curing Sharpa Doosha.

Buggappa had few acres of land and maintained his family on the produce of those fields. Chandra Choodeswarar Temple, Hosur – A photo from the year My bhakti may not be as great as theirs. Evidently she unfe out from amidst them, but they were not aware of it. Manikaiyya’s father fell seriously ill.

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But she was not destined to have peace even there. Naturally her father was overjoyed to see such unusually plentiful harvest and perhaps instinctively feeling that such extraordinary good luck was due to the auspicious watching of the field by heevu little daughter presented her with two little pieces of cloth to cover her nakedness.

She did not play all those child like games. She had her own unusual games. Amma’s real troubles started from now on. The main deities of the temple are Shivadepicted as the Shiva linga and the Goddess Parvatidepicted as ‘Maragathambal’.

There was a rumor that at that time a Cheetah was roaming in that Jungle, She wondered why that ferocious animal did not get heegk of her, and come and attack her and devour here, But that did not matter.

Strangely and ironically enough, God seemed to have heard her prayer this time. She tried to commit suicide by swallowing the powder of bangles, which was supposed to be poisonous.

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As soon as he knte Manikyamma he desired to make her his daughter-in-law. She lost her voice. Now she began to plan her future. Now my patience is utterly exhausted. Then at the last moment, when she finally gave up all hopes of being saved, when the jaws of death seemed to be wide opened, when darkness seems to be swallowing light- a person appeared on the scene. But the fields were infertile, and however hard he worked the produce was too scanty to keep his family well fed.


Breakfast, tea is available at Canteen on hillock as well as down the hill. From any other City within India: She knows that the body is temple of the soul and therefore endeavors to keep it pure and holy. A little girl of ten who did not eat any laetst, who did not even drink water, but who moved about like any ordinary girl without any signs of weakness or fatigue.

Articles needing additional references from December All articles needing additional references Coordinates on Wikidata. She looked at him and saw that he was no une than her good brother-in-law Chandrappa. He wanted to drive off the devil from her person. The Mantrik got wild and made up his mind to force this insolent and impertinent girl into family life.

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He had two wives. The ManikGiri Ashram makes all efforts to provide devotees with accommodation, food, sanitation and other amenities. How strange, a Muslim Mantrik to recognise a Hindu saint in the Making, But differences of caste, creed, race and country do not divide highly developed religious souls.

She neither complained nor demanded anything from her parents. Hindu temples in Krishnagiri district.

Amma’s teaching, basically lays stress on the path of Ahimsa. Now she gave up even drinking water.