Story Story Writer Forum Community. He was happy he’d found the child. His eyes widened and realized it was to late to move, he turned his back to the heavy ceiling beam that was falling and blocked the girl with his body. In my time, I want to train my dogs and compete in the Iditarod. The whole story will be called Complicated Lives. Will he tell her about his past or will he have to live a lie? But one evening changed it all, letting all the katcitznes know that they weren’t completely undefeatable:

And the kat in question smiled and brushed the other’s cheek lovingly. But, by the bedside, a figure slowly faded into existence. I see another fire ahead. Chapter one is up but there will be more chapters to come. Almost there, he thought A sob racked his body, face burying into the soft pillow of his mate.

Razor, jakechzne in, buddy. He held up the open jewelry box to gaze at the single band of gold inside. The burly tom gave a smile as he got up from the sofa.

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Viper injects Commander Feral with a mutation virus changing his life forever. The sleeping tabby was still fitfully curled up on the bed. Chance can’t sleep, then he gets to thinking. Don’t you dare do this!

Radio contact at all times Looks like we’re gonna have to go in by foot for this one. Here’s a little songfic I wrote for the Swat Kats.

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Her tear streaked face was the last thing he saw before blacking out from the pain His partner wasn’t going to make it. I am jovies writing another story. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Just let them out The silence bombarded him once again, the eerie silence of an empty room.


An elderly couple and a mother and child were found and rescued from the building. Razor, being the quickest, went to the third floor while T-Bone searched the second. Even though going on with you gone still upsets me, there are days every now and again I pretend I’m okay.

Hope Of Tomorrow by Tais the chosen one reviews Kodi has become the new head of the mail team. The transparent figure gained a solid form then slowly crawled into bed beside the tom.

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Chance felt the life leave his mate as the kiss ended. Author has written 2 stories for Balto. Jake gave the tabby a slight smile, seeming to realize that Chance had wanted to say something important, then rose from the table to leave and answer the call. He raised one paw and pulled both his helmet and mask off at once. He turned to fuull ladder leading up from the underground hangar.

You can work on that missile later, huh? He practically ripped jaiechane the flight suit, yanking off his helmet. He clutched the child tight to him as he debated what to do. Have fun and enjoy. Lightening lit the dark sky and a soft rumble of thunder echoed in the distance. I see another fire ahead. Thank you and enjoy. You can’t make it, buddy! I can take a few tears every now and then.


He had bought the ring almost two months ago, movifs had never gotten the courage to ask his mate for his hand in marriage. At this point, he wasn’t thinking straight.

The tabbykat held the limp figure in his arms as he threw his head back and roared his anguish into the skies above.

I am starting to write my next story.

And not seeing that loving you is what I was trying to do. I have finnaly completed Compicated Lives part1. They must keep it a secret. A groan and creak above him brought him to a halt.

Dinner came and went as the two enjoyed one another’s company, Chance mentally discussing with himself when the right time was.

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That don’t bother me. He was happy he’d found the child.

Their mouths met, Jake struggling to hold on and make their last kiss last. Jake was already buckled up in the truck when Chance caught up to him, the vehicle running.

A young girl was curled up in a corner of one room, her face tear-streaked as she cried into her arms. He wasn’t completely sure, but he could’ve sworn that he’d heard a crash in the background of the communicator.