But death of a beloved person is never expected nor do we care about its greater reason. Even last park outing. I also loved Ha Ji Wo, she always doea a good job and their chemistry was electric. She also suffers too much, how can she live her life? Tell me how, or rather, tell me where I can learn it!! Oh Koala I hope your theory on Shi Kyung possibly being alive is true.

Darn, I’ve packed it up but once I unpack, Imma gonna have a marathon of all my fave movies One of the reasons princess pulled through — in a way, he was their pillars. They give strength to each other. I like the fact that Eun Sr. She returns it with a sweet little lip graze, and then he wraps his arms around her for real kiss. On a side note: When JS received SK’s dog tag

They have to be separated again? He was cute when he got mad and frustrated, but his love for his daughter always shone through. As Jae Ha and Hang Ah are walking around the amusement park, suddenly he kneels down to tie her shoelaces.

Her dad confesses North Korea is under immense pressure right now. Crap I’m late again!

If their leader wants war, shooting the king is the way to start one. What does that even mean, tragedy of international contradictions??? Your thoughts provoke rpisode to look deeper.

The King 2 Hearts Episode 19 Recap

K2H, how could I leave thee behind? Wouldn’t it have made more sense to divest the other downed minions of their ammo so she had spares? BG was petty and self-serving.


Bon Bon slowly puts down her weapon, only to pull back up and attempt to dramzload.

I couldn’t have loved him anymore than I did when he said this I’d still be happy though, I cried my eyes out seeing him dying like that. Then BG got released.

Anonymous May 24, at The US official notes the video is on. Flashback to the code that Jae-ha and Shi-kyung set up. And what’s worse, you follow it up with further salt in our wounds with the video letter scene.

[Drama Recap] The King 2 Hearts Episode 20 *FINAL* | K-POP! rage

Except the fact that both are intelligent and in the position of powerdeamaload similarity ends there. Notify me of new posts via email.

But when she tells him that they need to reopen the lines of communication with the South, he argues that the king is preparing for war and accuses her of caving to her womanly weaknesses.

And what you said about hating serious dramas because at least one good guys dies – that’s about right, huh? North Korea is preparing to attack Seoul.

My ‘Whys’ 1 I haven’t outgrown my love for fairytales. I am afraid close to terrifiedthat actually TK2H will have a tragic ending. But he needed to be saved. My earnest bot is gone. The trouble is, North Korea has cut off all lines of communication. And I want to see you for a long time. Comes through strongly at the crucial epusode. Okay, so what happened? I try dramalaod hard to think every possibility that Bot isnt dead Shi Kyung turns the gun around and points it at Bong Goo, ordering everyone not to move.


Hang-ah hears the dogs and THEN she jumps into the river and kinv across to the other side. I’ve noticed that people who are almost, always perfect and upright, find it very hard to accept their mistakes. But seriously how bad-ass was that?!

Jae Ha tells Shi Kyung to stop talking and calls for an ambulance. NN May 16, at He starts to break down in sobs.

She asks him not to see her just as a woman, but as someone who can assist him. When he starts to write what South Korea will do in the event of an attack, however, Jae Ha pauses and flashes back to some happier memories of his 60km run with Hang Ah as well as the night that he used her as a lap pillow.

To this end, he pulls out plane tickets and tells her to pick a destination where they can take asylum in and live out their days.