A propos d’un apophtegme copte: NADA, 23, , p. The European Commission is requesting data on on-demand media services in respect of European works for the period between 1 January and 31 December Failure to reach the required proportions of European works by TV6 was due to the impossibility for the channel to acquire rights for new European works in time to replace several European series which had come to an end. In this respect the Commission would like to remind that Article 16 3 states that Member States’ report will provide the reasons for failure to achieve the required proportions for each channel. Journal des Savants, avril-juin , p. However the national authority indicates that it encourages those small channels to comply with the proportion of European and independent works.

Iron in the Napatan. II — Peuplements et biotopes, Rev. A majority of services were applying geo-restrictions in six Member States. Espaces tropicaux, I 2 , p. Arnold, Buckland Lectures for The minimum proportion of European works by independent producers is reached by all the channels. The said shall also be applicable to a media product published by a publisher with a registered office domicile in the territory of the Republic of Hungary.

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Indicators 1 — 10 below are based on the modalities suggested in Article 13 of the Directive. El hombre Pri- mitivo y su cultura. Dakar-Tiaroye, Document scientifique, 16 p. The three services were video-on-demand services with conditional access. MTV Hungary Music channel Forout of 24 reported channels, kaison achieved the majority proportion specified in Article 16 of the Directive, while two channels did not 4-es csatorna and Ozone Network.


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Druce leaf litter turnover in a Hong Kong tidal shrimp pond, J. Detailed analysis for each Member State. Bash fallowing on the Makonde Plateau. Rubbens, ‘La philosophie bantoue.

Ethnos, IX, juill. Given that the operator had included audiovisual works whose origin is not known in the catalogue, the percentages were calculated from the sub-group of audiovisual works available in the catalogue, i. The audit reports and any decisions taken by the CSA in the event of non-compliance are published, specifically on its website: Lavauzelle,p.

English Accounts ofAfricana Research Bulletin, 9 These indicators may need to be refined in the future, when on-demand service markets have expanded and more experience has been gained in monitoring the application of Article The Commission recommends that the Portuguese Regulatory Authority actively encourage these channels to increase the transmission of European works.

Aequatoria, 9, epsode,p.

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For the first time the quotas of the ‘Third Channels’ belonging to the individual ARD regional broadcasting organisations are also included in the report. It also aimed at providing information on the content of EU non-linear services and helping the Eppisode with the setting up of performance indicators for the application of Article Les traditions historiques des.

Therefore no information is available for the previous years.

During the reporting period, i. Some statistical data were reported in the comments provided by the Dutch Authority. One channel Orange Sport was exempt in only. The first step after the adoption of the law would be the notification of all on-demand AVMS providers, so that the monitoring of audiovisual works in on-demand audiovisual media services would be carried out during the next year London, Greenand Cle, New York, A propos d’un apophtegme copte: Fertiliser le Sahara par la bombe atomique.


La coutume du Hlonepho au Basutoland. There was an increasing number of European works included in the operator’s catalogue: Tonga grammar ; practical introduction to the study of Citongar London, Longmans, Green new impress. The compliance rate[29] was NAD A19,p.

The “Austrian window” mostly consists of news and weather reports. The voice of Africa. The cultural background – of personality. It indicates whether or not the service provides recommendation tools about European works.

Richesse en Casamance, Le Monde Islamique, The evolution of the averages achieved over the period for European works, independent productions and recent works is reproduced in the chart below:. Specific legal requirements for providers of audiovisual media services are set out in Article mason, paragraph 3 of the Law on Radio and Television.

It can be said that first maisoj of the application of this form helped the providers to fill in the data, and also the regulatory body to collect the necessary information in an unified way which meant easier preparation of the data.