Sethe June 23, at 9: Episode 4 by Regals. Kudo Ran September 8, at It looked like they wanted to, but their drive just wasn’t expanded on. Now, with that said, I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed at the way we wrapped up the series, given just how good the show was throughout much of its run. Waiting for her to realize he liked her. Best Love is sooo awesome.. It was a show which made me nostalgic of my youth, cheered me with their hijinks and even struck me with some life lessons.

And of course, thank you Javabeans and Girlfriday for the awesome recaps that made this ride even better. I thought it was a funny translation, LOL, but my sisters and I actually think of that line every time we see something tacky. Jenny says something that is sadly true: Considering that at the beginning of the series, she had the maturity of a 16 year old, I guess maybe in another few years, she’ll finally be an adult. The public never sees that she protected Mina, Se-ri, and her father and brother, and yet they still manage to succeed. Who needs passionate kisses when there’s so much chemistry in their bickering, teasing, touching and just being together? I did appreciate that they left the finale pretty open-ended though..

Ae-jung runs into Pil-joo on the street, and their conversation about her formerly twisted ankle stands in for the bigger meta conversation about the state of her heart. Nothing comes between me and Tae Bod. That point asides, I really enjoyed this drama a lot thanks to the wonderful acting from laugh to tears and great writing. He doesn’t recognize or remember other women! TW’s love for his family and friends really speaks of a maturity beyond his years. I think the problem may be I’m just too vvostfr to the formulaic rom-coms.

Loveyolic the bus arrives, Tae-woon holds onto Eun-ho tightly as she tentatively steps on, her eyes squeezed shut in fear. That is why I enjoyed it so much.

Snow white ep 14 engsub

He asks Teacher Gu to turn Geumdo into a decent school until then. I never thought that episoe medicine doctor could be as hot as you. On his way home, Director Hyun receives a vostr from Tae-woon: Even though it’s a pity we never really get to know Young-gun, Issue, and Kyung-woo’s full story. This drama has lovely characters who are full of love. Am I the only one who really wanted the students to band together and do something to help Eunho and Taewoon out?


But this one was close to perfect only close to perfect because I had wanted something bad to happen to Manager Jang ever since he slapped Ae-jung.

I just thought that was the most hilarious thing ever but seems to fitting for President Moon. That said, I appreciated the witty dialogues, the funny metaphors and the great acting all around. IKR, i really appreciate how they explain all the meta references, coz foreigners like me who are not familiar with the korean culture wouldn’t have known the meanings and these minute details were the reasons why the story was so interesting.

MonAmie September 8, at 8: I’m going to start Forest of Secrets bc its not the first time Ive heard its a perfect rounded drama and I’d like to watch something totally different plotwise.

Ae-jung disagrees, though, calling that line of action a little weak: Maybe that’s too cheesy, but you get the picture I hope. BC September 8, at 5: Thanks for the recap chocolatte I didn’t participate in the recaps of this show, but have just come here to add my farewell to the cute characters and show.

Tae Woon used the same method of cutting and pasting letters in the sushi letter to the principal Ae-jung is on the road, heading to an assignment with her crew, when a car cuts hers off and causes a truck to swerve.

I must admit, this wasn’t my favourite school series I don’t think anything will beat School for mebut it sure got rid of that sour note left behind by School DB you give the best recaps, ive said this before i will say it again if Hong Sisters are the tandem for scriptwriting, GF and Epiosde are the blog version.


D got to go. Our boy’s all grown up! Their growth individualy and together was such a delight to watch. O-pportuniTae to tease her: That’s why I preferred the more open-ending to “Coffee Prince.

Seri lovehholic a naughty girl, but she is not evil. This is my 2 fave from Hong sisters also: Though he looks flustered, Tae-woon proceeds with his plan: Love reading JB and GF’s thoughts at the end of every episode.

I think Fantasy Couple doesn’t get much attention because the secondary female lead character was pretty bland. Well, not really since it just lovrholic hold a candle compared to the original.

You summed it up perfectly: And for the record, Best Love is easily my favorite. If we say Strawberry Milk Guy from now on, we’ll all know whose being referred to. Is Fantasy Couple anyone’s favorite Hong Sisters drama? That screenshot of the angry-mom gathering made me realize… Hee-chan’s mom looks like Hilary Clinton and that’s why her face looked so familiar to me!

That sends her own van swerving off the road, and Jin gets the alarming call and races to the hospital. Meaning, of course, something innocent and uneventful, not Pororo literally.

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It was always my No. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. I wonder if it will make all those awful fans who watch this show reflect on their own actions and how easily images are manipulated.

Eun-ho wastes no time in confronting Vostgr about his sudden decision to study abroad, asking if he made a deal with his father so that she could return to school.