Without the strength to collect the Jewel Seeds, Yuuno had resumed a ferret form and needed someone else to take on the task for him. Clef further explains that they must seek out the three Rune Gods to help them fight. Not Rated 30 min Animation, Action, Adventure. In other projects Wikiquote. Netto’s father Yuuichirou Hikari has made a scientific breakthrough by introducing the “synchro chips”. Two sets of parents divorce and marry each other, while their children Miki and Yuu are caught in the middle and start falling for each other.

Mai otome zwei Video min Animation, Comedy, Fantasy 7. Ahead of them lies a war zone fraught with menacing bandits, lumbering giants and an army bent on capturing them dead or alive. In Ares an asteroid is detected in the sky on a collision course with Earl. Hell and his minions after Mazinger Z is stolen and its pilot, the legendary Kouji Kabuto, is rendered missing in action. They take their own private war back to Mars to face the harsh reality that life may not always be like a Giant Mecha Series. One day, he is mysteriously summoned to the imaginary land, which in fact turned out to be real. Cross Fusion puts enormous strain on the operator’s health, and battling in the real world could mean death.

Maison Ikkoku — 25 min Animation, Comedy, Romance 8. What she and her best friend Zenkichi find instead, however, are the first hints of an unbelievable secret, and their school, Hakoniwa Academy, and Medaka herself are somehow at the very center of the growing maelstrom! An encounter with the demonic Mouki reveals his destiny, and catapults him into the middle of a mystic quest. The psychotic and not-too-bright Yao is partnered with Lu Amano, the soft-spoken and sharp-tongued daughter of the police chief.

All twins Kanba and Shoma know is that when their terminally ill sister Himari collapses at the aquarium, her death is somehow temporarily reversed by the penguin hat that she had asked for.

Madara fights for revenge with the help of freedom fighters, magical swords and Kirin, the master of the Majin. Upon reaching there, he learns of powerful weapons known as Arms that exist in Mar Heaven.


Melty Lancer –PG – Teens 13 or older– Meltylancer is a Galaxy Police Organization unit comprised by six girls, all of which who have their own special skills and talents.

Marchen Awakens Romance (Dub)-episode-23-

Despite Rockman’s small size and far more responsible personality, the two boys quickly become the best of friends. She tells Maze that her house suddenly fell down from the sky and crushed Mills pursuers under it.

Kai, Inga, and Elise all volunteer to go and find Babbo’s magic stones which would restore his memories of the Grand Elder who fought fake Arms and Unwetter years prior to the story. Joining her on the adventure is her faint-hearted best-friend, Khal, who turns out to have a secret that brings with it a world of trouble for the pair. Ginta Toramizu is a year-old junior high student from Tokyo who is portrayed as a typical video game geek and underachieving student who is a fan of fairy tales.

Metal Masters — Scan2Go — Beyblade: A normal, average teen girl accidently swallows something called a “crystal pearl,” which many sorcerers are after! Copy from this list Export Report this list. The Labyrinth of Magic. However, if she lays down her arms and conserves her remaining power, the time she has left can be prolonged to just over a year. In one of their epic battles, the Mazinger Team suffers a crushing defeat at the hands of Dr.

Kai and crew are able to fight them back with the assistance of Inga. In a failed attempt to seal a seed properly, he winds up on Earth in the form of a ferret. Not Rated 94 min Animation, Action, Adventure. Netto offers to entlish with Rockman, but his father forbids it.

Chapters Episodes Characters Ginta Toramizu. My-Otome’s story ,archen place in the distant future on the planet Earl, colonized by immigrants from Earth centuries ago. Without Princess Emeraude, Cephiro would fall into ruin. Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu must fight off Zagato’s henchman and find the Rune Gods if they ever want to get back home.

Not a normal story, however, but one very entertaining story if anything. Inga is a descendant of Unwetter and by following Caldia’s law he must seek Unwetter out and kill him. And then things get really out of control! This begins the stories of Gundam Meisters pilots Setsuna F. As time passes, their relationship slowly develops amid life at Maison Ikkoku, despite all sorts of romantic hurdles. TV Animation, Comedy, Drama. Relented, the wizard postponed the deal with Babbo Each with a different personality and background, they must decide who they truly care about marchhen why they fight.


A net navi is designed to guide his operator from the inside of his or her PErsonal Terminal, or simply PET for short.

Apparently, some inconsiderate persons left a ehglish sized cherry tree in the middle of Tokyo, and it’s become a major inconvenience to everyone in the city. She lives with her parents who run a cafe, and her older brother and sister.

Marchen Awakens Romance Episode 1 English Dub: SOLVED!

Haruo Yoshikawa thinks he is a normal boy but unknown to him his three sisters have engoish powers and keep him protected and ignorant about the exsistence of magic.

Housed within PET handheld devices, humans and Net Navis coexist between the real and cyber worlds as friends and allies. Not Rated 30 min Animation, Comedy, Crime. As far as “The Center” is concerned, Martin’s vast knowledge of the supernatural and his remarkable intuition compensate for his poor personal hygiene and huge ego.

Guardians of Space Gundam Wing Superman: Hayate the Combat Butler Dan 32 Before he can find domance more about the incident, his pilot training begins. If you want to live long enough to eat dinner, you better not cross them. Refine See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven’t rated, etc.

Displeased with the fact that Babbo is so cumbersome, Dorothy gives Babbo to Ginta instead taking the guardian arm that guarded the chest, departing with a warning that others will try to steal Babbo from him.