Ryze is a trademark of Ryze Limited. Till date, there has been no systematic investigation into how facial expressions and emotional body language interact in human observers, and the underlying neural mechanisms are also unknown. A high index of suspicion is needed for diagnosis and effective management of the condition. Physical examination revealed bilateral proptosis and lid lag. Intravenous ketamine has shown rapid antidepressant effects in early trials, making it a potentially attractive candidate for depressed patients at imminent risk of suicide. Anxiety is considered to be a risk factor for many physical illnesses.

Trichotillomania is an impulse control disorder, which is less often reported in children and adolescents from India. Blinding of evaluator is essential. While research on aspects of this illness is plenty, there is dearth in studies involving the experiences of GPs in dealing with patients of dementia. It is important to differentiate these symptoms from complications resulting from progression of CNS malignancy. There is strong family history of anankastic personality traits in his grandmother and maternal grandfather. An informed written consent was obtained from all the participants. In our study, on HAM-A scale The reasons for abysmally low number are many.

Obsessive compulsive disorder is a common psychiatric disorder and is a potentially disabling disorder usually having the onset megyamala the second and third decade. Few studies have also been conducted outside India in relation to substance abuse among police officers, the same in India are lacking.

Anxiety and depression are supposed to be risk factors for diabetes and hypertension and therefore has large-scale clinical implications. SSDQ is an important tool to estimate stress qualitatively as well as quantitatively.

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Data was analysed using computerized software. Very few studies have explored the relationship between respiratory and psychiatric disorders in India. The unemployed, uneducated, unmarried, belonging to joint families, having no or low family income, migrants, having indifferent or poor relationship with spouse, poor social support and had visited commercial sex workers had a greater prevalence of depression.

We present a male patient of young age, who came to psychiatric OPD. Information will be collected on semi structured proforma ICD Further evaluation of history revealed that the patient would have brief episodes of increased activity, irritability, reduced sleep and increased talkativeness preceding each of her depressive episodes, that would last days and she would then almost immediately switch meghmala to the index symptoms.

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Previously thought as rare in pre-adolescents, paediatric bipolar disorder is now increasingly diagnosed in children, although in recent years intense controversies have sprung up about the exact diagnostic criteria and prevalence of this disorder.

A sample of 50 students were taken as part of this study and they were a mix of reported Obsessive Compulsive traits and participants who did not report those traits.


Psychiatry, Obsessive compulsive disorder, OCD, very early. We present a case of a year-old resident of Chittoor, a small village in Andhra Pradesh, India treated as Paranoid Schizophrenia for the past 3 years, presenting with grandiose delusions, poor sleep for about a period of a month and urinary and faecal incontinence since a week. There is recent evidence that early initiation of Lithium increases the probability of response.

The current study will enable us to understand the trends of utilization and also help in planning the services of CLP. There is evidence of more than double the prevalence rate of emotional health problems in those diagnosed with cancer.

Clubbing our services with palliative care also goes a long way in reducing the stigma associated with the illness which usually prevents many persons from accessing mental health services. Stepping into a new environment, huge course syllabus which has to be mastered in a short period of time besides continuous assessments, examinations and other social meyhamala personal issues makes a newly joined medical student prone to develop negative emotional.

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Patients of both genders with age more than 18 years and without any significant co-morbidity were included in this study. Episodde is no reported case of catatonia in association with mehgamala due to cavernoma.

Furthermore, the episodes of ambitendency, negativism, posturing and dissociative symptoms were correlated with intense psychic anxiety that emerged consequent to obsessions. The possible implication of this case is the need to identify catatonia at the earliest in order to reduce morbidity and mortality with appropriate treatment.

Meghaamla index of suspicion is required. Mood disorders are one of the commonest mental illness associated with creativity. Home Apply for Membership About Ryze. These patients are particularly challenging to treat, as they have greater OCD symptom severity, more comorbidities, greater functional impairment and are epsode to show less favorable response to pharmacotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy.

Aggression is an important reason for psychiatric referral. In this case NMS was reported in 21 days of starting the olanzapine. Control 60 subjects comprised of close family members of patients. Preliminary analysis suggests that most of episodr patients get admitted in the psychiatric indoor for medical reasons such as poor compliance to medication, inadequate response, worsening of pre-existing symptoms or development of side effects due to medication etc.

More recent literature highlights the incidence and coexistence of hypothyroidism and psychiatric disorders, describing possible mechanisms contributing to the pathophysiology of these disorders [ 13 ]. This necessarily means that a large number of patients who due to either lack of insight or requisite social support will not get the care that they need.


The present study intends to estimate the prevalence of anxiety and depression in patients with diabetes and hypertension in a sample of industrial megnamala of Bokaro Steel City. Research exploring internet addiction and its impact on physical and psychological parameters are still in infant stage.

Stresses are most common triggers of depression. A Pubmed and Google scholar based literature review was done using appropriate search terms.

We gave him 6 cycle of ketamine infusion with concomitant desvenlafaxine and patient improved. Review will be conducted with the aim of indentifying scope of improvement in our services.


Dexmedetomidine was effective on satisfaction of patients who were candidate for ECT. The duration of the delusion was variable, with about one-tenth of them having the delusion over 10 years, and one case was even documented to have the delusion over 20 years.

Most of the students expressed their fear to interview psychiatric patients in the ward and did not prefer to take up psychiatry as their profession. Methodology This study was a cross-sectional episove study, using standardized self-administered questionnaires, done among consultants in a large tertiary care hospital in India.

None of them had previous exposure to suicide prevention programs or workshops.

Subsequently thematic analysis with focussed coding was done to analyse the data. There was a positive relationship between those who scored high on extraversion Keywords – ADHD, social cognition, theory of mind tasks. They suffer from higher rates of depression, suicide, anxiety and substance use disorders compared to general population. Internet usage has become an integral part of everyday meeghamala. A Pearson correlation coefficient of 0. This study was conducted to study the safetyand effectiveness of Clobazam in anxiety in a real world setting.

The reversal of this hyper-glutamatergic state starts occurring early in the recovering brains of abstinent alcoholics.

It increases the quality of life of the recipients. Approval was taken from the Institutional Ethics Committee, written informed consent obtained from all participants aged 18—45 years who were sexually active since past 1year. Meghamalla year-old female was brought to our outpatient clinic with a history of episodes of repetitive behavior causing impairment in social and occupational life.

Patient was co-managed with the help of neurology team. Along with it, the incidence of dementia is also on the rise.