Personalizing his nether portal Talking about Navi, plans for big builds. Exploring a cave, allergies, monetizing videos Starting his anti-zombie fortress. Working on the zombie fortress, talking about his hair Gathering sand, announcing the MindcrackNetwork channel. Donations Exploring the nether and testing fire potions. Donations Gathering sand Starting his underwater tree farm, talking about burning out of games, meeting people online. Destroying his first home First mention of Etho possibly joining Team Canada Working on the underwater treehouse. Discovering that Etho, Guude and Beef have pranked him with a beach with a statue of himself in a lough chair, wearing a straw hat beside a sandcastle and beach ball Starting to remove the prank Talking about visiting his parents in Winnipeg and how the city doesn’t feel like home anymore Discussing UHC 10 Montage of trying to finish the prank removal.

Mindcrack Season 5 Episode 4 “. Caving Talking about the snapshots, livestreaming, sharing stories about shopping. This page has been accessed 7, times. Adding Beef’s face to the nether tunnel Mail. See Slaying of the Ender Dragon. Revealing his completed nether area, update on his doctor’s visit Exploring, talking about Let’s Playing games, discussing UHC 5. Exploring a cave Talking about his birthday, ill family members. Exploring a desert temple and a nearby jungle Stories about being sick with Andrea.

Starting out on the server, talking about his travel anxiety, his panic attacks, the minecrfat of Halloween Finding a place to build.

The playlist for this season is “Mindcrack Season 4”. Placing obsidian penises around the server with Baj and Beef. Writing a book for Beef the sellout, mining obsidian Getting attack by an invisible Beef. Caving Talking about his rules to get to 0, 0 Discussing his house mates Third party copyright claims Discussing upcoming series.


Making a Canadian flag at Guude’s village, the arena and Zisteau’s lens. Blowing up Pyro’s house with Chad and Pyro, tempting Chad to blow up his house. BdoubleO This is the server Guude started in late Announcing his Twitch partnership Delivering diamonds to Kurt.

Mindcrack Season 5 “.

Talking about his new computer and partnership with IGN Working on the zombie fortress. By Minecraft – TerraFirmaPunk 7: Donations Adding dispensers to brewing room Transporting Dexter.

Donations Nether bedroom reveal Finding a zombie dungeon. Farming wither skeleton skulls, sharing Dxtory problems Testing the pig jousting arena in Guudelandtrying Zisteau’s lava arena with Guude and Beef.

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Timelapse of building his Nether railway Showing problems he encountered while building and attempting to fix them. In this Minecraft episode we spend epjsode time with Docm as we attempt to build an endermen farm without killing the enderdragon. Explaining his new build, terraforming, remembering his childhood pets Link and Navi.

First Classpronunciation of words, pet wolves.

Caving, sharing stories about being robbed while living in Ottawa. Talking about his ancestry and culture, caving Creating a skeleton trap, talking about his prank on Guude, proposes Team Canada.

Searching through caves for the stronghold. Pranking Zisteau with Team Canada.

Cleaning up Team America’s prank Talking about moving. Searching for a jungle biome, talking about 1. Talking about his opinion on video styles, other games and PlayOnCon Flattening an area near the zombie fortress and making a sandstone structure. Working to connect Pause’s place to the nether hub with Beef. Helping Pyro spread grass in his cave Talking about new consoles, games, education. Exploring, talking about stress and anxiety.


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Visiting Baj’s Treats Caving, talking about moving, upcoming games and plans for Europe. Questions for Andrea Visiting Baj’s village and walking around the server. Returning to spawn to find that paulsoaresjr left condolences for his hockey team Removing the Boston Hockey team logo.

Trying to stay alive Caving Talking about his drive to the airport, early crushes, poetry and his inspiration to start YouTube. Placing string throughout Millbee’s house.

Exploring a cave Discussing UHC 6negative comments. Later we end the episode with a wither fight. Collecting wool Building a gravy rainbow with Chad. Mindcrack Season 5 Episode 4 “. Working on his sandstone house Talking about concerts and traveling to PlayOnCon. Caving Talking about his flooded basement. Season 4 took place in a world that started on 1 July EthosLab Today we begin building the tree farm at Ethopia. Exploring a cave Talking about introversion, sharing zombie apocalypse strategies with Andrea.

Trying out boat elevators Visit from Etho Building a floating island.