If you are shooting E-6 and use a place that does Fuji send out service, you may not know this, but you could possibly be using Dwain’s Photo. On the next screen you are given quite a lot of options and information. There must be a place in Brussels that would do it? Is it worth the price? Mpix seems to offer a lot of photo products, meaning they will slap any photo on a mug, t-shirt, card, calendar, frame, etc. Thankfully you have plenty of options.

I experimented with a matchbox pinhole camera I made at home, and they were able to somehow manage to produce some images! What was left of them. Fine for non critical stuff like tests and snap shots. Overall, I would say North Coast is the best service. Then I waited… and waited… and waited. The envelopes are pre-paid so when you drop in your film, simply seal the envelop and drop it off at the post office or have it collected at your home.

To start, go to the Mpix website and create a free account with your email address. Fair enough, but just another example fillm how outsourcing part of your service to another site can prove problematic or confusing for your customers. I love holding down the shutter button and taking a continuous burst of photos.

Developing film in a digital age. Go local or online?

I am curious though Okay, now I just looked at The Darkroom: M0rph3u 10 years ago. They mention it could take another days for them to start processing my order. My guess is that the NY Lomography store shipped them to the Lab? I also got an 8×10 digital print there on great kpix and its beautiful. I have used both North Coast and The Darkroom and find them both excellent.


Anyone use Mpix?

I sent the film in the mailer bags they give you I maileds in 4 rolls and I’m located in Connecticut. If I demand perfection this is the place. However, Mailsrs have never used their film processing service, so I cannot speak from experience. If you want high-resolution images, you have to order a CD. Via email you are given a link to review your photos. But the quality of the photos were nice. Post was last updated on July 10th, You can request free film mailers directly on your website.

They offer a large selection of not only film, but cameras, accessories and much more. So after all the fun of shooting photos now comes the slow part… the waiting game.

There must be a place in Brussels that would do it? Just sent a roll of and 35mm for x-pro maildrs Sharp for the first time.

Cedar Hill, Texas Can others edit my Photos: You can place up to 4 rolls of 35mm film inside each envelope. I started to question if my film even arrived. To my surprise, at about 3: I would often wait a day or so for it to be processed. Hey, I just came from a film discussion thread in the casual topics forum, and now, I’m all amped-up to start shooting at least one roll of color negative, and one roll of Tri-X on every shoot.

Developing film with Lomography shop. Do you already have an account? That always creates some angst in me! Negs are dusty and manhandled. Sure enough as mailerx as I log in I see two photos. From what I understand, you send them the film, they develop and upload and you get thumbnails.

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While there are still times I’ll prefer to scan a slide or neg myself, I’d have to say the NCPS scans are, by and large, impressive. I have some rolls of film that I really want to get developed.


Short of doing it yourself in your own darkroom, they offer the best value and services. On this page simply select the Film Format and Development options. Afterwards it mentions that full resolution scans are available to purchase via an archive DVD.

If you are shooting E-6 and use a place that does Fuji send out service, you may not know this, but you could possibly be using Dwain’s Photo. I vented my frustration to the poor Live Chat lady and she said she agreed, and that they are aware of the problem and hope to have a new version of their site later this year.

While their development is relatively cheap, one roll plus 4×6 prints is on the high end of the price scale. They are cheaper than a “Pro” lab so you get slightly less than pro results.

Alternatively, The Dark Room gives you an option to mailrrs your home printer to print out a pre-paid postage label, and then you just supply your own envelope. Sending to Dwayne’s takes about 3 or 4 weeks for me to get back Quick and dirty review of places I’ve used. The first time they sent me mpkx disk and it was fine, but this mmailers time I used them I ordered and paid mpid the larger scan including discs, but never got the discs.