Obito and Madara train it to attack Naruto’s group, overpowering them. A Splendid Ninja Rippa na ninja!! Naruto quickly arrives to help and joins Sasuke in the fight, though both are soon overpowered. Kakashi becomes the Sixth Hokage and pardons Sasuke, who decides to travel the world. Inspired by Naruto’s winning of their bet, Tsunade overcomes her restraints and joins Jiraiya in attacking Orochimaru. Sasuke finds the revived Itachi, and follows him to Kabuto’s hideout.

With Kabuto unable to move, Itachi uses his Genjutsu to summon the undead ninja. When he awakens, Naruto saves Guy and begins battling Madara with Sasuke. As they leave, Itachi Uchiha and Kisame Hoshigaki infiltrate Konoha and are engaged in battle by Konoha’s elite ninja. During hand-to-hand combat in the Kamui dimension, the alliance tries to stop the tailed beast from leaving the area. While Naruto is resting, Taka arrives at the Kage meeting to kill Danzo a conspirator in the Uchiha clan’s assassination. This page was last edited on 18 January , at Kakashi advises the three to start focusing on the team’s well-being instead of their own, and in doing so they are able to pass the test.

Kakashi becomes the Sixth Hokage and pardons Sasuke, who decides to travel the world. Elsewhere, Orochimaru earnestly awaits Sasuke’s arrival, planning to take Sasuke’s body for himself to regain narutpnine use of his arms.

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Nagato explains how the various tragedies he experienced in his life led him to desire peace narrutonine war. Rather than give him the usual training regiment of preserving his strength, Jiraiya trains him to take advantage of the fox’s power. During hand-to-hand combat in the Kamui dimension, the alliance tries to stop the tailed beast from leaving the area.

The group follows the Akatsuki members’ trail from Sunagakure while Konoha sends Team Guy for assistance. Obito releases the true form of the Ten-Tails, the Divine Tree, which attacks the Ninja Alliance to seize their chakras and create the illusionary world. Tsunade decides to rely on Narutoniine strength, and Bee and Naruto convince the Raikage to let them go when they use their abilities to sshippuden Akatsuki.

Itachi leaves to fight Kabuto alone, letting Naruto handle Sasuke. Team Asuma, Reunited Saikai, Asuma han!

To draw Sasuke further down the path of vengeance, Orochimaru sends his Sound Four to narutonins Sasuke and show him the strength that can be gained by joining them. Retrieved January 27, Jiraiya, with Naruto’s assistance, sets out to find a new Hokage, hoping that his old teammate, Tsunadewill take the job. Intrigued by his shippudeb, Tsunade makes a bet with him: As they prepare to search for Sasuke, Sai questions Naruto’s reasons for wanting to have Sasuke back, to which Naruto responds that the episodw formed a bond that he refuses to have broken.


Obito saved Kakashi and began sharing Madara’s goal of a illusionary world so the “cycles of the world” could be broken. To bring the battle to a swift end, Sasuke conjures up a bolt of lightning to strike Itachi down.

Although Sai attempts to capture him on Naruto’s behalf, Sasuke proves too strong as he overwhelms the assembled Team Kakashi. When he found them, Obito saw Kakashi kill Rin while they were surrounded by enemies. Kabuto is eventually able to immobilize her, forcing the newly arrived Jiraiya and Naruto to defend her; Jiraiya battling Orochimaru and Naruto fighting Kabuto.

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Jiraiya’s Decision Jiraiya no sentaku!! Naruto Next Generations Boruto episodes. Retrieved July 8, Using his new senjutsu abilities, Naruto handily reduces the Pain’s body number to two. Just when Itachi began to distance himself from the clan and Sasuke started to enjoy his family’s attention, he returned home one day to find that Itachi had eipsode their entire family.

After the first few matches, where Sasuke is able to claim victory, Sakura is pit against her rival and childhood friend Ino Yamanaka. In addition to finding a father-figure in Iruka Umino after defeating Mizuki, Naruto achieves his dream by finally becoming a ninja, his ultimate desire being to become the greatest in Konoha, the Hokage. Naruto, determined to prove her wrong, accepts and dedicates his time to completing the attack.

As Sasuke prepares to kill them all, Orochimaru and Kabuto convince him to let them live so they can take out the Akatsuki for them before the three leave with the mission a failure.

After learning about Sakura and Sasuke’s actions from Sai and Gaara, Naruto saves Sakura from being killed by Sasuke and calms the situation.

Since Ginkaku and Kinkaku possess the Nine-Tails’ chakratheir attacks affect Naruto who is unaware that the army shippudsn hiding him. Having advanced his training enough to form a usable attack, Naruto uses his Rasengan Shuriken to inflict Kakuzu with massive damage before Kakashi lands the deathblow. They succeed in their task and flee the village with Gaara. Choji and Jirobo have a battle of strengths, with Choji eventually beating Jirobo to death. To expedite this process Kakashi has Naruto use his Shadow Clones to train with his hundreds of copies, allowing their collective knowledge to complete a year’s worth of training in a few days.


After this, Naruto’s fortunes begin to change. Naruto returns from his shpipuden immediately following Pain’s attack, and takes it upon himself to avenge the damage done to the village and its inhabitants. Realizing that Itachi was as much of a victim as he was, Sasuke heads out to destroy Konoha.

After years of fighting, Madara accepted Hashirama’s proposal to end the war and Konoha was created; however, the two clans’ hatred resulted in Madara abandoning Konoha.

Unwilling to see her loved ones if it would mean the destruction of Konoha, Tsunade shippyden drawn into battle with Orochimaru’s assistant, Kabuto Yakushi. With Kabuto unable to move, Itachi uses his Genjutsu to summon the undead ninja. The first chapters are known as Part I, and constitute the first part of the Naruto storyline. Before she can be forced to surrender, Sakura is able to expel Ino from her mind. As Gaara is about to finish him off, Naruto arrives to fight save him and fight in his place.

The two ultimately clash, and after the smoke clears Neji appears to be the victor.

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Once the week is up and he appears to have been unsuccessful, Tsunade, disappointed in his progress, goes to meet Orochimaru. Hinata Hyuga encourages him to continue fighting to protect their wills. List of Naruto chapters Part II, volumes 28— While reinforcements from the alliance shppuden Naruto, the five Kages continue their losing battle against Madara and Sasuke learns about the war.