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Thursday 5th June – Episode Naomi starts to play a dangerous game. Brennan promises to stay out of Kate’s life. Thursday 31st July – Episode Lucy returns – but can she help Paul? Sonya worries that Naomi is going to make another move on Toadie. Wednesday 2nd April – Episode Naomi steps in to help Sonya – but at a high price. Thursday 13th March – Episode Paul shows his true feelings, winning over Rebecca in the process. Georgia can’t find the line between love and friendship.

Is Patricia responsible for the hate campaign against Sonya? Doug bonds with his grandchildren. Friday 21st March – Episode Callum helps Chris to cope with having an addict for a mother. Gary wins over his family. Naomi steals Georgia’s engagement ring. Terese has a surprising business idea. Has Bailey misinterpreted Josie Mackay’s interest in him? Paul has made another enemy.

Tuesday 27th May – Episode Matt and Lauren renew their wedding vows.

Episode #1.7011

Imogen and Amber’s war continues. Lauren and Brad press ahead with their plans to find their daughter. Kyle returns, but his odd behaviour leaves Georgia worried.


Callum tells Amber about Bailey’s drinking. Monday 4th August – Episode Kathy’s determined to get to the truth – leading to a shocking accident. Thursday 10th July – Episode Josh is in serious trouble, thwarting Amber’s attempt to break up with him. Sonya grapples with a dilemma. Imogen wonders if she expects too much from people. Sheila and Naomi resume the status quo.

Terese has a surprising business idea. Tuesday 25th November – Episode Sonya is haunted by the mistakes of her past.

Mason decides to leave Erinsborough. Josh tells Amber that he still loves her. Sonya puts Elliott’s needs beighbours of her own family. Paige finally learns the truth about her adoption. Brad and Terese blame Paul for recent events. Tuesday 11th March – Episode Lauren prepares to have a very difficult conversation.


Friday 7th March – Episode Rebecca finds herself growing eplsode to Paul. Things start to move in the right direction for Kyle and Georgia.

Amber’s living arrangements start to bite. Terese crosses the line. Chris Pappas credit only Chris Milligan Matt and Lauren grow closer. Susan feels unnerved by Nate’s war stories.


Josh is torn between his family and a job offer. Progress is made in the hunt epiode Kate’s killer. Sonya and Toadie’s marriage is in trouble.

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Season 1 Episode Sonya makes life difficult for Naomi. Chris has a health scare. Lou episoce whether to forgive Kathy. Amber is left in a difficult situation.

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Brad embarks on his own campaign to find his daughter. Kyle finds a way to cope with his loss. Susan falls victim to Karl’s literary fame. Paul spoils things neigbbours everyone. As Bailey encourages half-sister Paige to find out what mark still feels for her, she drags the poor along jogging, only to learn he’s not romantically interested, and where about Sonya’s stalker by correspondence, who reminds him of the Kate tragedy.

Lauren considers bringing Lisa back to Erinsborough.