If he’s having a stroke on his right side, he can still move the left. Keep in mind that a foreigner is here, If there’s a problem, we’ll solve it with dignity and not in his presence. Rekli smo bez skandala. Vidosava Pajkovic, manager of the raw skin warehouse. Pravim promet od milijardi. I’ve got a pharyngeal infection. Znam, znam sve tvoje bolesti.

You dare to dock my wages?! Is that a cabbage? Nobody’s working their job. On a maternity leave. Why should I calm down?! Do not worry, ma’am, The two of us are perfectly understood. She is nothing to me! I am looking for a toothpick.

Ja sam pravnik, nisam ginekolog. And that nobody is totally innocent. I don’t have anybody to work with. Hteo sam da se eomaci sa Vama oko And who does feel sorry for me?

What did he say? Blow here, you are drunk, friend. We will be begging soon. Easy, does it still hurt?

Did you cancel to that Japanese guy? Serbian dish Oh, good afteroon. Well, a sofa, color TV, buffet, pretty comfortable office. It’s all flooded and lumpy.


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Politik die Verfassung, die Konstitution. Ja sam gluh i slep, mislim Why does she vomit? What are you, Sulejic? What the hell with drinks, I didn’t come to drink.

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Dajte mi ovaj mikrofon. Inflammation of the bladder, kidney stone, Stomach ulcer, poltrln. I know that one. Why you aren’t answering? What he has to, as you aren’t working anything. To whom do I write reports, to whom do I write all those requisitions? Has he started working yet? We are full of additives, sedatives, chromium, bromine, chlorine, venol, mercury oxide. Where did you get that fan? What do you mean who? And job won’t suffer, you are a new man and she is happy.

Vreme je za vesti.

To advise me, To advise me what to do with that Japanese whom you imposed on me! We are full of additives, sedatives, chromium, bromine, chlorine.

Gde da se vrati? If you want to end up retired, and not in a mental hospital take the guitar, sing old songs and cure broken nerves, cure. With secretaries, with correspondents, with the typists and naive, young trainees. Ah, I don’t have a choice but to take a pole To mogu i sam. Dasein, Sein, Existenz, Bestehen.


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Rekli smo bez skandala. That’s why we are going backwards, because our laws are lax and full of loopholes. Because I see one isn’t enough for you. Je l’ to neki poklon?

How are you, Paulina?