Find us on Facebook. Unlike the others, who usually step in this field for glamour, Danish Taimoor is amongst the few who take this profession seriously. Instead of weeping and crying about their financial situation, women in our society should learn to think rationally and come up with a productive solution. We also again see the tortured back flashes of Shamim. All in all, a very happy ending. But Kulsum thinks that she has no respect in society and she could not remarry. Rehaai is about child marriages or child molestation in my opinion.

All the neighbours make fun of Shameem. On the other hand, Shameem, Shehnaz and Kulsum had started a clothing business which makes Waseem jealous. All it took was one sentence to depict how much he ignored his children: You could feel how Shamim felt when she finally broke down and spilled out all the pain she had hidden for so long. From that day Waseem feels guilty of what he had done and asks for forgiveness from Shameem, Shehnaz and Kulsum. He doubts that something in going between Akmal and Kulsum and so Waseem beats Akmal. First episode ends there. Obviously, she was enraged and refused to sympathise with Shamim.

Thanks to Waseem, they are, once again, facing a severe financial crisis. Almost like a member of the house, he is there whenever the family needs him and never hesitates to help. The last episode showed how a positive approach and struggle can lead to epiode.

She needs no words to describe her acting and neither does Munawar Saeed. On the other hand, Shameem, Shehnaz and Kulsum had started a clothing business which makes Waseem jealous. And this time, it seems like the change is permanent. The very epixode day Shehnaz’s sister comes and asks Kulsum’s daughter’s hand for her son.


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Despite being dependant on them, he still has the guts to be arrogant. She tells “I’m shameless because I gave birth to such a child who spoilt a girl’s life and her daughter-in-law’s i. Chacha Inayat fights with Episodw but Waseem does not change his mind. After a really long time, a serial that focuses on women liberation has been produced. It highlights the stories of real-life Kashf clients, of the problems they face and have overcome with support for Kashf’s microfinance services.

She is doing everything she can to improve the financial situation of her house and to shape a better future for her daughters. Gehaai after all that happened in the past, it was Akmal who came to help.

Though she lacked expressions at some points, overall her acting was believable. I wanted to vomit when Chacha Inayat was selling his daughter to Vaseem…it was absolutely abhorring. Now that they have the means, everything Shamim and her family lost is coming back to them.

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The upside was that she thought of earning herself to support her husband. The story follows the consequences caused by this child marriage.

The both of them are still awkward around each other though, which is understandable. Waseem does not earn even a single penny and so their condition becomes from bad to worse because of which Shameem is forced to become a maid. Poor child has no idea about the physical and emotional torture she episde about to be put through and is just happy that she will be living with Tai Ammi.

Rehaai Episode 13 – 10th June 2013

As I said above, the first episode was really powerful, yet at the same time eppisode disturbing. His maturity and sense of responsibility is definitely admirable.

He is absolutely fabulous and he absolutely deserves the award for best actor! Find us on Facebook. All in all, a very happy ending.


The same Kulsoom whom he refused to give shelter. That set the track in motion for the remaining episode. We also again see the tortured back flashes of Shamim. She will definitely be remembered for this rehawi.

Watching him assuring his daughter that he would not marry her off till she becomes a doctor sahiba, just like she wants to be, was extremely touching. Loug Kiya Rehasi Sanwari. Once again, the three are on the verge of starvation.

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Retrieved from ” https: This page was last edited on 11 Novemberat Things are getting better in Rehai finally. Kulsum grows and gives birth to 3 daughters which makes Waseem angry. It was heart breaking to see her remembering all those times when she had gone to her father for help and he had refused to do so. Even though this was only the first episode and really not too much was shown, even what was shown was absolutely not appropriate for prime time.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Danish Taimoor was truly the best choice for an amazing character like Akmal.

Rehaai is the story of Shamim, a woman married off when she was barely more than a child. Despite the pain, the change we saw in Kulsoom is plausible.

However, his gloomy and depressed mood did not remain hidden from his family.