Agreed – the spoiled rich brat we used to see in dramas are at best the noveau rich but the Joo Win character is the real deal. It takes some prodding, but Ra-im reminds her of their earlier encounter, determined to wrest an apology or at least acknowledgement from the woman who almost got her friend fired. She probably knows RI loves him and will be willing to do anything to save JW later on? KDR November 27, at I guess that is why so many of us are frustrated and preparing ourselves for disappointment! For example, Taesun confesses to Oska and it somehow ends up in the tabloids

I can’t compute this one anymore. Is it just me or does it feel like this drama is slowly fizzling out? Just downloaded the subbed epi and JB’s review came right after! Happy to have another episode of Secret Garden. I can’t help but adore her character Ra Im. Kim Sung Kyum Supporting Cast. I feel like we’re getting into the drag before the drama ends. I felt she said she made the medicine to save her daughter cos she knows how much Ra-Im is falling for Joo-Won and if they don’t swap bodies, there may be no way they can truly understand each other n maybe get together??


Angry, he asks what the hell she was doing in the elevator. Joo-won sighs and tells her to come close, and pulls her in for a hug. He is so sweet. Or else, I don’t think I can take the potential angst the ending scenes created. Secret Garden Episode 5 Korean Drama: At this point, really? But probably Dad frowned simply because Joo-Won said something about “she takes after her eepisode or something. Wonderful acting on the part of Hyun-Bin.

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I think all viewer-empathy was totally sucked into Joo-won in his anguished suffering. Thanks for the recap! D November 27, at Thanks for gardem recap!


He pursued her like the crazy lunatic that he is but she still seems withdrawn. Seul enf another complicated character – with her grudge gaeden Oska and wanting to marry Joo-Won. Oh, are you lonely, baby? Ha Ji Won Main Cast. Her backpack’s too small to accommodate all those jackets, and layering them on her wouldn’t be possible at all – if she manages to do that, it would make her look bulky. Lee Byung Joon Supporting Cast. My daughter is okay now. He starts to put the pieces together…he died when Ra-im was seventeen, which makes it thirteen years ago, which matches up to his age twenty-one when he had his accident.

Seul watches from afar, happy to see him clear his name. Joo-won stews in his petty jealousy, epdramz is just what he deserves. His threshold for stress doesn’t seem very high and he tries to play down a lot of big situations in order to get through it i.

I find it cute when other people do it and find it embarrassing when I think abt myself doing it. I saw it coming in this episode, yes. He writes asking her to forgive him, the guy who forgave himself too quickly. She probably knows RI loves him and will be willing to wecret anything to save JW later on?

What a great comment- It might as well be, “Finals?

Then he grabs it, naturally. Joo-won orders a handbag accessory to be designed after the cat that Ra-im likes, and he draws a version for them to use. It is so fun to add TS into their romance, but please only as a distraction and not as 3rd leg!

Thank you for the recap. Ra-im goes back to work, teaching the trainees how to do wirework. As to the body-swop they’ve gone done it and at first I was like ‘This works I was going to watch Mary with subs, but now I’m going to watch Garden raw I get that, and I look forward to it.


She answers that oppa treats her like a young woman and not a poor charity case, unlike some other people. Please enter your username or email address. Yes, Joo-Wonshee sounds gardwn natural!

Heck, I’ll even throw in JS if need be. At least I can easily hear what he says without substitles.

GF, thanks for the recap! And I think Binnie’s English was OK have heard worsemore than that I think Oska’s Japanese was brilliant except for the typical exchange of Z for J, can someone explain to me why Koreans struggle with this? I went to sleep with giddiness seeing how the changing body occur, and kept seeing the images of them clutching sceret new assets lols! But the more i read the recaps over again bc im a hopeless addictthe more impatient i get while waiting for the end subs: Where was this conversation when we needed it?

I’m cheering for them as well! And those bottles truly did seem bottomless didn’t they?! In another episode prior, Joo-Won learned that Ra-Im’s father died when she’s 17 years old. Jang Seo Won Supporting Cast. What a sweet dream. So far I’m leaning towards the latter because there is no indication otherwise. If it’s 13 years ago, then how old dub they now?