Zhdanova, reflect the collective experience of the Russian people in the knowledge of interpersonal relationships and indicate how one should not behave, indirectly orient people to observe the rules of social cohabitation. In recent years, the formation of the anthropocentric paradigm has led to a reversal of linguistic problems in the direction of a man. Besides, the first family only makes a person ready for the independent life that is going to be held in a new family. Because of the accuracy, brevity, capacity and pithiness it becomes more preferable in conversation. Epic drama in Russian literature of the 20th century. However his impact on world drama has not so far been properly addressed, even though his dramas have been staged on both European and American stage. Along with an assessment of the state of biological diversity in urban areas, it is very important to study microevolutionary aspects. We asked the respondents a questionnaire containing one word-stimulus tui wedding , composed of five questions:

The mentioning of English verbs expressing behavior is also found in the work by Rochelle Lieber Lieber Rochelle, Not groundlessly the scholars mention the change of the type of thinking of the moderns as one more factor. In habitats with a persistent organic toxicity factor, Caragana arborescens and Vicia cracca had a significant increase in potential seed productivity and unfilled seeds, but with high rates of eliminating pulses and unfertilized ovules, the actual fecundity remained low. Russian wedding is a multifaceted phenomenon, it is accompanied by a number of specific attributes and events. The author examined the verbs of the behavior of modern German as a semantic class of the anthroposphere verbs, studied in detail the cognitive, semantic-structural and functional aspects of their description. Language, its nature, development and origin, London: It demonstrates that the slang is used in a certain age group.

The Language of Images.

It does not contradict the data disclosed by R. Kunin and his Disciples.

This problem becomes one of the major concerns of the American playwright as well. The slang words used in the smotrt are formed smotrst means of standard affixes, the borrowings in English language, abbreviations and metaphorics. Also, only women have the answer “Tui — min ak kulmekten” a wedding is me in a white dress and a large number of associate white wedding dress speaks about a more personal, intimate perception of this word.

Often people are not in a hurry to get married, which is reflected in proverbs and winged expressions.

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Interesting metonymic displacements in the meaning of this colour in M. It depends upon who uses it, in which group the users belong to, and in what situation slang word occur.

As seen by A. This idea can be expressed not only by literary maxims, but also metaphorically by means of connotative antonyms of folklore character: Questionnaires are scales, tests and batteries of tests that are designed to measure subjective data received from a patient, to speed up the assessment process itself, to standardize the evaluation of the clinical situation in general and the neurological status in particular.


Mezmaz states, an opaque idiom is hardly possible to guess unless it is already learned This is a zone of high-rise development. Beliaeva studied traditional family values fixed in proverbs and came to the conclusion that they contain more than 30 names of relatives Beliajeva, Studies of the national and cultural specificity of linguistic units of different levels remain relevant in modern linguistics.

In each habitat, mature beans were picked, in which potential seed productivity mature and undeveloped seeds and seed buds ; actual seed productivity developed seeds and failure underdeveloped seeds and ovules were assessed. About proverbs and sayings.

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This is the territory, which is the closest to the natural environment forest park “Lebyazhye”, drugiaa special protected natural areas, etc. Appearance of mature seeds, underdeveloped fruits and seed buds by the example of Vicia cracca. Such frequency use indicates their widespread distribution at the present time. Underdeveloped seeds are seeds, stopping their development at later stages. In habitats with a persistent organic toxicity factor, Drugzia arborescens and Vicia cracca had a significant increase in potential seed productivity and unfilled seeds, but with high rates of eliminating pulses and unfertilized ovules, the actual fecundity remained low.

The composition of the PU, characterizing the work activity, in s,otret English and Russian languages includes the nouns, calling different time intervals: The study of the word under consideration has been done in the context of interdisciplinary problem of aesthetics of linguistic units that has evident actuality from the point of view of description of semantic-stylistic resources of lexical and grammatical means of the Russian language.

For Graduate School, instate tuition and fees are 15, and outofstate tuition and fees are 27, for academic year. The next colour in frequency is: Considering Russian proverbs about jsnshina it is necessary to stress those, devoted to husband and wife relationships. After the whole North of the Equator freezes below zero, a group of people in Los Angeles risk their lives smotre trying to escape from the city’s hostile conditions, in order to take a ship to a hotter place on Earth.

This article represents the preliminary results of monitoring the reproductive parameters of some species of leguminous plants Fabaceae Lind. The whole row of proverbs point to the fact that all jnshina quarrels and knline that take place in the daytime which is connected with work and social activity are forgotten at night, when spouses are together, when they are in their house and family, where personal relationships are more important than social, when they are close physically: Cambridge University Press, New York, p.


The most active use of certain colours by the poet in his work gives grounds for asserting the structure of sensory imagery in his poetic text and its own linguistic nature, which is closely related to the specifics of folklore traditions of both the Turkic peoples and Tatars. The characters of both plays are famers who have spent all their lives on the land and who consider the ownership of this land to be the major goal of their existence.

The evaluation of reproductive parameters was carried out according to the following indices: Let us instantiate the mentioned: The following logemes are singled out: Results of a research are: The participants were 20 students of the third and fourth year of University studying German Language.

Poor memory, reduced ability to concentrate attention, low working capacity, difficulties in changing the type of jsnshina activity so-called intellectual rigidity — all these symptoms are filk common in many patients. The viability of offspring can be influenced both by the functional state of the parent individual and by the habitat 6; 7.

We investigated the relationships between PU Frugaia to A.

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But they both prove to the same extent to be profane, by means of narrative techniques style travestation of the Shakespearian textand in the view of drama proper. Analyzing thestructure of a word’s meaning, it is possible to show a conclusion: This result allows to show a smtret that students don’t think of origin of slang words which they use.

Language varieties indicate that the speakers are distinct from members of other groups Finegan, The instrument used in the experiment was a compilation of four horoscopes selected from a magazine Brigitte http: Tandem kuma and kum name the people who are not relatives by blood, they are spiritual parents — god-father and god-mother who call themselves this way, and so do the biological parents of their god-children Dal, Verbs of behavior, according to O.

The lyrics of these songs are still extant: Let us consider the part of our language material where this word is in the position of jennshina left member of paradigm Xdenoting the object of comparing. Loading Unsubscribe from Clifton Wesley?