Papa Smurf has a cold, so Hefty and Scaredy go on a quest to get some ingredients for Papa’s cold remedy. A stork brings Baby Smurf to the village. Audible Download Audio Books. Brainy comes up with an award show to decide which Smurf is the most popular. Gargamel locks Lady Luck in the dungeon and uses her wheel of chance to give the Smurfs bad luck. Clumsy and Brainy form teams to race to Mt. Vanity becomes desperate to see his reflection after losing his mirror in the south pole. Lazy has to save the Smurfs from Bigmouth after they play a prank on him while he is sleeping.

Brainy comes up with an award show to decide which Smurf is the most popular. The Wartmongers capture the Smurflings. A princess tries to make Grouchy and Jokey cry, but fails to do so. Smurfette finds an enchanted garden of talking flowers and is forced to go back after being pricked by a rose’s thorn. Grouchy and Tracker both receive the Brainy treatment in this episode thrown away or kicked away and landing on their heads. Goofs In the beginning of “The Smurflings,” Papa Smurf is shown playing with his harmonica until his experiment a boiling pot containing an unknown bubbly substance exploded.

The Smurfs S05E02 – The Smurflings

A group of Smurfs travel in a smurfwagon. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Scruple turns Jokey’s “surprises” benign instead of exploding.

Len Janson and Chuck Menville. Sassette tells Chlorhydris of her lost love trapped in stone. A group of Smurfs are requested to work on their day off and they turn into tools. Smurfflings fraud tricks the Smurfs into giving their possessions away. The Smurfs travel up a mountain to find Sorcerer Smurf. The Smurfs journey to help the Pixies from the evil Wartmongers. Brainy casts a spell that makes all the Smurfs come to dpisode for the answers to everything.


The Smurfs take an injured fairy to their village.

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Clumsy tries to become Papa Smurf’s apprentice. Lou Vipperman; Teleplay by: Hogatha steals Baby while Handy, Brainy, and Greedy argue amongst themselves. The Smurflings are pranked by a wood sprite. Whatever Puppy fetches, he wants to bury it in the Smurf village.

Baby Smurf ends up at the hollow and gets captured by the Wartmongers. Having one Brainy is more than enough. The Smurfs —89 Hanna-Barbera’s 50th: Chuck Menville based smurtlings a concept by Peyo and Yvan Delporte. The ring is then found by Brainy. The Smurflings undergo a survival test.

While trying to save the bridge, Hefty becomes unconscious. Nanny tries to help the Smurfs with their duties but only gets in the way. A crook pretends to be the King. Once a year, the Smurfs are supposed to be unhappy. Sean Catherine Derek and John Bonaccorsi. Papa Smurf and Homnibus create a memory melon to help Selwyn tell Tallulah how he feels about her.

The Episoce trick Gargamel into making him think he is dead. Jokey finds an invisibility cloak. Edit Storyline Papa’s Day Off: Malchior the Magnificent is sick and episide Papa Smurf for help. Chlorhydris captures Smoogle and the bluebird of happiness and turns it into the raven of unhappiness. After Vanity gets hurt and gets a lot of attention, Jokey fakes being hurt.

Handy leaves the Smurfs after a heated argument with Hefty. The Smurflings neglect Puppy due to Handy’s new toy. Princess Perriwinkle wants to kill Vanity. Grandpa fears Nanny will take his place as storyteller with her better memory. Gargamel and Azrael dress as rabbits, hoping to be selected to pull the float for the Smurf Fall Carnival.


A group of Smurfs are captured by Gargapouri and sold to a person that puts them on display. Clumsy starts doing nice things for Handy after he saves him from Episdoe.

King Theodore hires Gargamel as his new court magician. Jokey makes Brainy think that his house is haunted. Hefty Smurf voice Alan Young Smurfette learns about life and death after she nurses a sick field mouse back to health and adopts him as a pet.

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Brainy gains superpowers to protect the village from Bigmouth. Gargamel disguises himself as a smurfberry bush to capture the Smurfs. Add the first question. Brainy turns half the smurfpings, including the Smurfs, into stone.

After Smurfette eats her entire year’s worth of smurfberry candy, she casts a spell to give her the ability to turn everything she touches into smurfberry smurflinngs. Handy invents the first Smurf camera. The Smurfs are introduced to television.

The Smurfs S06E01 – Smurflings Part 1

The Smurfs find a magic box and wonder if they should open it. The two sacks are swapped in an accident. Season 6 Episode Chlorhydris switches Cupid’s arrows with hate arrows. Scruple voice Ray Walston