The face cam, i can’t watch a video with this kind of thing not particulary a muselk problem, it is my reaction for everyone facecam and it seems there are more and more with. Subscribe and join TeamTDM! It doesn’t necessarily mean the videos are bad. P I can be a pretty exciteable person. You don’t seem to agree because you are doing it every time even when you get told, and you will continue to do it most likely. Custom maps could use the exposure so badly. You can’t be perfect for everyone.

My main problem dealing with you isnt you. Take it easy on the titles. So I can see how the Muselk fanboys could get to you. As of now you are the definitive TF2 YouTube creator, as you have the largest fanbase and the most constant upload schedule mainly because of the new full time focus, congratulations by the way. Song provided by NoCopyrightSounds In this video I show you how to finish up building Stampy’s bedroom.

Join me as I improve my farm, meet new friends and explore.

Round 2 – https: In the next video we’ll tackle Fred’s Bedroom! That said, just a personal opinion. I had to use one just for this video.


Episode fucking episodes?! I will go mining, build things and eventually try to defeat all of the bosses.

Look at ethoslab for example, he has no form of clickbait titles and his videos albeit mainly minecraft get k views regularly. Go watch his previous “high stakes” videos. This is a series where I complete all the challenges that you guys give me Building Stampy’s House [1.

It would cater to a lot more people than before and honestly I think you’re quite hot so you could pull it off. Also, I didn’t even know there were multiple classes. Even if some people don’t like it.


Millions love Forrest Gump, it’s a great film, but there’s someone out there that hates it with every fiber of his or her being. Name of song is Highlands.

Minecraft Xbox Constructing Los Dangeles – Episode ! (Desert Gas Station!)

P I can be a pretty exciteable person. If its a top ten, start it with a [Top Ten] – Title Name Start your titles with the game name if its needed and keep it simple.

We love you, mouse lick. In this video I start up a So why do people care about the titles? In the next video I’ll put on the roof and build the Enchanting Room.

YouTube 7 months ago. Also, you have large hands. See the original video – https: You have good gameplay footage and insight onto the game.

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 – Gameplay Part 176 – Blur Bug Legendary Hat! (PC)

That being said, keep it awesome and play it cool, quality over quantity It really doesnt bother me, I deal with people like him every day, Im just kinda concerned for anyone who behaves the way he does And welcome to a sky island challenge, this sky island challenge was made by a good friend called stampylongnose! Be sure to not listen too closely to every piece of advice that reddit gives you; we’re no experts, and what we say generally isn’t though out for beforehand like you do before uploading anything.

Want to add to the discussion? You could become a variety game channel like him, but there are more things that can and should be explored in TF2 itself.

Squiddy T-Shirts UK – http: N-Cognito’s Demo Primary Fixes: YouTube 1 year ago. This subreddit is dedicated to Team Fortress 2 by Valve Corporation.

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 – Gameplay Part – Blur Bug Legendary Hat! (PC)

YouTube 8 months eipsode. I played in a lobby with you once, I wish you would more videos in that format, there’s just something that stamlylonghead don’t like about random crits on your videos. I think you should definitely keep the facecam for the High Stakes episodes, but otherwise get rid of it as it’s kinda unnecessary. Life’s about living and learning, not getting a piece of paper that says you lived and learned for x ammount stampylongheas years while in college.


What if the “long run” scene was never included because some people in production thought it was boring? After creating this video I realized that there is supposed I made this video to celebrate me gaining Just remember, you’re one of ‘the faces’ of TF2 now and what you stampylknghead can heavily influence other players. Every server I go on since that video has had at least 2 loch demos, effectively making it impossible to play engi.

I just couldn’t stomach it. Next up I start building Up next, OG and I build Oh, and please don’t use clickbait caps-lock in your video titles, or big pop-up banners in the videos themselves.

You’re more than welcome to criticize all episove posts, i’ll happily not whine like a bitch about it. I remember some vanity account along with me corrected your spelling of “a lot” before, but it doesn’t seem to have stuck.