Here Saad Salman becomes her partner and together they start a garment factory. He is Aapa Begam’s trusted servant. Saad leaves Pakistan and travels abroad. The box contained letters and pictures of Zara, Zain had been secretly grieving to remain strong for his daughters. Bibi continues to provide humour in the house, often pushing around the new maid in the same way Aapa Begum Azra Sherwani treated Buqrat Jamshed Ansari. Is very social and lively. But I must also say that no one can beat Sanya and Kabaacha.

He is very easy-going, intellectual businessman. Zain finally explains to Saniya and the rest of the family about Zara’s death. However, Zenia remains bitter, angry and upset with her father and insists on going back to the United States. Saad becomes unsure about Zara after her accident as the doctors are skeptical about her recovery. Background After 27 years, a sequel named “Olper’s Tanhaiyan: When Zain told everyone that Zara started taking anti depressants without prescription, my first instinct was how was that possible and Faraan uncle asked that question too.

Tanhaiyan Naye Silsilay

However, when she enters her house, she is haunted by memories of the past and all the eoisode that she has lost. It is a episode-sequel directed by Marina Khan. Zain finally explains to Saniya and the rest of the family about Zara’s death. Tanhaiyan naye silsilay episode 7 full pakistani drama.

It is revealed that Zara once again became withdrawn and depressed tanjaiyan they had moved to the United States, furthermore, she was angry and upset that Zain had a female business partner. We use cookies to offer an improved online experience and offer you content and services adapted List of Pakistani dramas.

By admin on April 3, His love for Sanya is so pure and innocent.

An overjoyed Zain recounts this to Vida, who comments that he must be the happiest man on earth. He is shown expressing that he was and always will be with her. She starts a business to buy her tabhaiyan back and in doing that, drifts away from her family and friends.


Loneliness consumes her, she runs out of the house terrified and has an accident. Tanhaiyan Naye Silsilay — Episode 11 — 5th January. Fatima Awan Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. All their friends turn their backs on them and they move in with their aunt Zubi.

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Asif Raza Mir and Marina Khan both were absolutely brilliant today. Serena was mostly away from home so all of what Zain told everyone was completely new to her.

Faran has since baye quiet, moody and curmudgeonly, often staying in his room and not wanting to see anybody. Yakeen Tanhaiiyan Safar Episode 1 Review. It is implied to the viewer that she has lost the will to struggle as she realizes that she has pushed everyone away from her in pursuit of what she thought was important and was all alone when what should have been her biggest triumph of finally buying the parents’ house back. Initially, the doctors explain that it might be due to her spinal injuries.

Yeh Raha Dil Episode 1 Review. The reason Zain held the box so close to him was that he never got over the guilt he felt because of how he did not work on his relationship with Zara and also because he still loved Zara dearly. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Six of the 16 original cast members reprises their roles as Shehnaz Sheikh the female lead in the original has quit acting and the rest have since died.

After their death, the girls find out that their father was heavily in debt and they have to sell all their assets including their house which their father had so lovingly built. Zara notices that Saad has lost interest in her and decides to return the engagement ring.

If it wasn’t for the play Durr-e-Shahwar she wouldn’t have started writing! On the night of the engagement, Iltatmish asks Saniya about her relationship with Qabacha. Retrieved 31 Dec The plot is about gaps in relations developed over the years in lives of characters owing to events they faced and how, going forward, things change for the better.


The serial revolves around Saniya coming to terms with her sister’s death and wanting answers from Zain, who refuses to explain what had happened to Zara. She is lively, lazy, loud, materialistic but sensitive. I am really looking forward to a happy ending. In a quick transition, the music and surroundings come back into focus with every body crowding in a loud cheer around them. A strict teacher by profession, she is also very social. Nov 14, www. She begins the pursuit to become rich.

Meanwhile, Serena wonders why Saniya has never married and tries to find her an ideal match which ends in humorous disaster, she later finds out about Saniya’s history with Qabacha. And that has to be the reason why she stayed so carefree and bubbly, ignorance is bliss. Saad becomes unsure about Zara after her accident as the doctors are skeptical about her recovery. Dilon mei jo phul khile unhe chupanay nahi chahyeh….

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Zain then meets Zara and tells her that he pzrt to leave Pakistan and go to Canada after marrying Vida, and he wants to see Zara up and about before that. Tanhaiyaan The opening title screen for Tanhaiyaan. This article needs additional citations for verification.

I just hope that Zeenia does not commit the same mistake that Zara did and manages to put her feelings for Zarak before her ego.