So inappropriate, but so addictive, really. And a funny thing happened, I ended up loving it, even with the over the top fauxcest and the lack of logic!! Maybe those words will warm you up. To end on such a low point, after a strong start fanned such high hopes, is doubly painful. If nothing else, this show is absolutely beautiful to look at. The skillful camera-work, the intense, rich color palette, the careful lighting and their beautiful subjects all come together to make lots and lots of Pretty on our screens. Why did we have to have Jin Sung stab Soo? Which, I have to admit, was a fascinating exercise in itself.

August 21, at Or , these might just whet your appetite for more, heh. That Soo backed off on his principles just enough to clear Jin Sung of debt, says so much. After this, though, somehow, Sun Hee finds a ray of hope which is never explained to us and decides to go ahead with the surgery. That scenery really is breathtaking. Maybe she nurses a crush on the boy, and that feeds into her desire to give him his stabbing scene, illogical as it works out to be onscreen.

When you start out all prose, we kind of expect you to at least sustain the logic of the prose all the way through. First Loves are Meant To Be. All traits of an interesting villain, to be sure.

BetsyHp August 24, at 3: So if logic means a lot to you, and the fauxcest is particularly hard for you to stomach, it might be better for you to drop the show. But, on the up side, many recent dramas, fhe That Winter the Wind Blows, have been filmed so beautifully that I find that all the pretty visuals make up for some of the letdown in the logic department. She has so much money tyat no scanner that can read books for her? Jin Sung episoode more important thr Soo than his own dignity.


Coz what we get to see of Moo Chul, mostly, is him making things difficult for Soo and Jin Sung, not the other way around. But I will say that his delivery as Oh Soo is nuanced and detailed. I was so addicted to AND epizode over the fauxcest! Even at the moment when I wanted to end it… A part of me still wanted you to run back to me. And I can see the likeness. Toove October 25, at 8: The writing ruined what could have been. I felt like if the show revealed enough about her past, that we would be able to understand why she was the way she was.

Which, I have to admit, was a fascinating exercise in itself. Logic persists in her exodus, though, and by the time we reach the last stretch of the show, Logic has exited the building.

I guess his self-esteem is at the bottom of the barrel and he never owned a mirror. Lora May 2, at 4: Tears in my eyes! Ok, episodw goes somewhere, but glows have no idea how we get there. I laughed so much reading your review, loved your writing and so spot on with my own thoughts. The scenery is beautiful, and I know the leads had a episkde of passion to.

I was gloriously conflicted over the fauxcest too; I found it one of the more addictive parts of the show.

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And ends by telling him she loves him very much. It was an amazing and beautiful journey. What began as a strong narrative with interesting characters ends up going nowhere.

Sometimes, I could hardly believe my eyes AND ears. No wonder you were mesmerized! That Boss Kim changed his mind and was happy with bkows serious injury?


Review: That Winter, The Wind Blows

He gave me money. The scene fades to black, and we come back the following Spring.

It felt so unnecessary and so tacked on. I enjoyed it a lot.

They lose steam and common sense. Lora March 28, at 4: Also, if you know of reviews of this show that I do not have please send it my way! Someone wearing the same tinkly bracelet that Young gave Soo serves Young tea. Hwarang The Fangirl Verdict. When things get romantic between Jin Sung and Hee Sun, it feels a touch tacked on, to be honest.

Again, like you, I was really hooked in the earlier parts of this show. I spat on his face. Although, there is no guarantee that I will actually finish it! Which was quite distracting after a while, I have to admit. So well-put and spot on.

Do brothers ask sisters this kind of question? Maybe it could have been presented as it being because Young needs wine go through this on her own, or something. Have you seen his earlier drama, Spring Days? We see Jin Sung and Hee Sun in the countryside.

Kirsten August 21, at I like what you have to say here kfangurl.

An emotional and easily swayed scriptwriter as our protagonist, weeping over the newly discovered hidden pain of Epdarma Wang and making abrupt script changes as a result, AND who is too soft-hearted to begrudge the very cute and very hot Kim Bum his desired stabbing scene.

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