While trying to rescue them, he triggers other traps capturing him and Allison as well as Cherry and Oyster. Fourteen-year old Leo discovers three super-secret bionic teenagers living in the basement of his new high-tech home. She refuses at first, but changes her mind after realizing how Hank is struggling. Max helps Phoebe with revenge, but he instead becomes her “boyfriend”. He Got Game Night Nickelodeon 7: Phoebe and Max go to places that could be dangerous until their parents find out and tell them it was fake because they thought it was a criminal. Max doesn’t want his bandmates dating his sister but Oyster insists that his guitar chose Phoebe.

Colosso that he’s impressed by Max because he had the guts to walk out on him. Hank and Barb are enjoying dinner until they overhear that a party entertainer who was to be Thunderman at a child’s birthday party could not perform. During the chronicle review, Max feels guilty for hurting Phoebe. Now that Nora is tall enough, she feels ready to go to Thunder Man the Ride and the whole family is excited to go for the ride – except Max and Phoebe. Max tells them that him, Oyster, Gideon and Angus are starting a band together. The machine builds pressure and explodes covering Mrs. Mistaking Phoebe for an employee, Fefe and Matt reveal their plans to trick Nora and Billy into playing a rigged, live action version of Cybron’s new game, Spitballs. Retrieved February 26,

However, things go awry when they feed her meat. Make it Pop Pop. She finds an entry about Link’s bonus toe which Phoebe had promised Link to never tell a soul about it. She wishes someone would introduces her to him – just before Max enters the room with Thunderamns.

Colosso tips off Bradford. Season 1 Episode 7 – Weekend Guest Phoebe volunteers to take home the class’s Venus flytrap thjndermans the weekend; Max performs an experiment on a plant, causing it to grow continuously.


When the Thundermans meet the Hathaways and Prestons, they befriend each other, but when Phoebe is possessed by the Green Ghoul, they have to work together.

Max agrees to back down and give up on winning Sarah back. Now, they must fix the car before their parents return home. Back to School Nickelodeon 7: Phoebe wants to win tickets to an MKTO concert.

Nora advises Episoxe to get revenge on Max by feeding him a Russian plant that’s guaranteed to give Max a bad stomachache for days, during which Phoebe would become President.

Max quickly realizes the consequences of living in a house without rules and can no longer handle it. An alternate ending was shown on Nickelodeon after the first one, in which Max is thrown over the finish line and they go to the beach. Similar Popular with similar viewers. Max figures out that Chainsaw must have taken the furniture by mistake thunrermans helping to hide it.

After realizing that Chloe can teleport with other people, Max and Phoebe get her to teleport Nora and Billy to the ride. Phoebe admitted that she lied about the park being reserved for them, just to spend time with them.

The Thundermans, Vol. 1

Max and Phoebe get jobs at a pizza parlor so they can get the new MEphone, episoed trying to impress the manager with their own creative ideas.

After joining the club, Max gives them the idea to get enough signatures to help stop Bradford.

Max reveals to Phoebe that the only reason he is evil is because he does not want to live in his sister’s shadow and be second best so thee would rather be best at being evil. When the sidekick can’t take it anymore, he becomes sad and turns into an angry monster. So, she tries to set them up and tricks them into playing basketball together. Barb and Hank convince Phoebe that she is controlling and so she goes to ady to Max in the treehouse.


The Thundermans Season 1 Episode 5 Ditch Day – video dailymotion

Meanwhile, when Phoebe wants to go to a club with Cherry and her other friends, Hank and Barb want her to do her chores before she goes, so she enlists the help of Nora and Billy. Dog Day After-School Nickelodeon 7: Colosso’s special visors to boost her lasers.

Hank fights to stop him while Max and Phoebe work together to freeze the boiling lava before it erupts. Farmer Ted arrives and says that he just traps people so they can talk to him. Eligible if purchased with select payment methods. After going back to bed, he’s visited by the Spirit of Christmas Future who shows him how the Thundermans family broke apart and turned evil following that Christmas.

Retrieved October 1, With this mutual agreement, Max’s Band breaks up and promise to remain friends.

Barb finally tracks the whip and teleports there to get the whip before it hurts someone. Retrieved February 28, During the auction, Billy reveals that Phoebe’s vase is from the Hiddenville museum.