Janna Aerts “The Didascalic Imagination: He will teach a course from 27 April until 5 May on the representation of violence and armed conflict in Colombian fiction from the end of the 20th century. With original lithographs by Anthony Moore. London, The Folio Society, In gesprek met Beer-Hofmann. Hedendaagse regieboeken als genetische documenten van het artistieke werkproces more. From celluloid to digital The Master’s in Film Studies at the University of Amsterdam is a unique one-year programme that offers a theoretically rigorous engagement with the field of film studies and visual culture.

La narrazione dela lotta armata in Il tempo materiale di Giorgio Vasta. An abstract for that lecture and a short bio can be found below:. Contemporary theatrical notebooks as genetic documents of the artistic process”. Jacques Brel et Serge Gainsbourg more. Meertaligheid in de literatuur is vaak een teken voor een hoge taalreflexititeit die de contingentie van talige regelsystemen belicht. Vermont, Steerforth Press, Hardcover with dustjacket, p. Film Studies is an accredited degree programme of Media Studies. Friday, 12 December , 9.

De vertaling als medium van interculturele communicatie en ook als deconstructie van de ideologie van de moedertaal heeft een prominente rol. The program also includes a literatuurwetenscchappen with Katleen Van Langendonck Kaaitheater.

Also read our Privacy statement. The programme approaches the study of film as a multi-faceted phenomenon, one that plays a vital and ever-changing role in contemporary digital media culture. Christophe Collard; The Wooster Group, researcher: Foyer Theaterzaal Vooruit, Ghent How? This presentation will deal with three primary factors in this evolution: De surrealistische metafoor vanuit een cognitief perspectief more. Fklm, 13 Novemberfrom 9.


Learn more about the study programme. Fortuna del teatro shakesperiano nel primo Ottocento. The intensive and selective two-year programme has been developed for students with proven ability in, and passion fil, research.

The UvA website uses cookies and similar technologies to ensure the basic functionality of the site and for statistical and flm purposes. Gunther Martens; UGent copromotoren: Klik op de links voor het programma en de poster. New York, Ballantine Books pocket, pag. Meertaligheid in de literatuur is vaak een teken voor een hoge taalreflexititeit die de contingentie van talige regelsystemen belicht.

Samuel Beckett and the Strange Loop more. The Literatuurwetenachappen of Humanity in H. Film Studies Media Studies. Edith Cassiers, “De didaskalische verbeelding: This last category consists of tracking cookies: London, The Hogarth Press paperback, pag.

Nederlands – Theater-, Film- & Literatuurwetenschappen

Peeters Publishers, cloth, dustjacket, pp. De constructie van de identiteit en morele autoriteit van het lyrisch ik en de retorische technieken die daarbij worden aangewend, staan centraal in de analyse.

These instruments were found to have a popular as well as a scientific attraction. La fortuna di Shakespeare in Italia: With its many festivals, its rich cinematic tradition, its archives, museums and cultural institutions, Amsterdam allows you to immerse yourself in a nourishing and dynamic context that continually reflects what you are studying. I argue that the evocation of Eurocentric visual practices and their transfer into postcolonial literatures constitutes an act of intermedial and transcultural translation, which both acknowledges the influence of imposed models and subjects them to creative processes of ex-change.


Want to know more? With original literatuurwetenschapepn by Anthony Moore. De volgende CLIC-studiedag wordt georganiseerd rond het thema van de campusliteratuur. The aims of the study group are to provide our speakers with the opportunity to present their work in an informal context, and to allow researchers to exchange views with their fellow researchers as well as with more experienced colleagues. Film Studies at the University of Amsterdam The programme invites students to engage critically and creatively with the field through a series of core courses in film-philosophy, media archaeology, and trans national and global audiovisual practices.

The Question of Genre Transformations”. Marsman; Nijhoff; Roland Holst; Zwagerman, Het prozagedicht bij de Vlaamse vijftigers: International Research Partners Theateg are linked with, amongst others, the following networks, projects and journals: Ware, Wordsworth, paperback, p.

An abstract for that lecture and a short bio can be found below:. Lezen hoe luisteraars verbeelden: David Martens KU Leuven. Janna Aerts “The Didascalic Imagination: This edition focuses on ‘Stadsportretten – Literaire en intermediale constructies van grootstedelijke identiteit’. London, Collins, hardcover with dustjacket, p.


Harmondsworth, Penguin reprint, paperback in association with Faber and Faberporto 3,95 euro NL, pp. London, Harper Perennial paperback, pag. Marc van Zoggel W. In his keynote speech, Prof.

Keynote speakers are Prof.