Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman set world record with Marvel roles. One year after that, his family went bankrupt and his father had debt 40 million baht. Hopefully my own creativity will help me come up with a great idea like his and maybe I can strike it big too. I have to transform myself depending to the circumstances. Meet Top, a 16 year old young boy who is stubborn, annoyed, selfish, and an online game addict. Jeab hears that his childhood sweetheart Noi-Naa is to be married, so he makes the trip back home to his provincial village. Good spirit n u inspired me….

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Tae Kae Noi itself means Young Entrepreneur. Was this review helpful to you? He did some reseaches in market about how to make a tasty roasted peanut, marketing strategy, etc. There were so many parts in the movie that moved me. This movie will motivate you tu keep struggle and never give up in this life. His unyielding spirit will inspire and motivate you continuously. Newer Post Older Post Home.

He had no money to build a factory. While googling, i found some facts related to this film on Cinema Online website. Search for ” Top Secret: This movie will let you get to know Top Ittipat in details about how he turned himself from an online game addict whom always got kttipat by teachers, to a famous young billionaire. Would give it 4. In some parts of this movie, you also see how he regretted to be absent from his class.


Actually I’m already married for eight years. Because no roasting activity, the sales dropped.

I personally also like to eat Tao Kae Noi. As no cooking activity was allowed, then the sales of the chestnut dropped vastly by 50 per cent. One year after that, his family went bankrupt and his father had debt 40 million baht.

He failed entering in a state university and joined in a private university with a higher tuition fee. A hard-worker freelancer who falls in love with a doctor.

Thank you for visiting my blog… Unfortunately, I tpp not Top Ittipat. I ever heard about this movie but never try to watch it. Katakata Sukasuka cerita, cita, dan cinta. If you get rich and successful but are not happy then whatever you do will be meaningless. Hiya very nice website!!

Behind The Scene of Tao Kae Noi

The only factory he had was his home kitchen. Failed, failed and failed until his uncle fell sick because eating so much seaweed. In my mind, Thai movie is a thriller, no matter what the story is. This is the first Thai movie that i have ever watched in my life which was worth watching.

Wai roon pun lan ” on Amazon. Cinema Online did the interview with Top Ittipat himself. Age 16, TOP gainedBaht monthly from playing online games. A couple who met in South Korea.

Oh, Im officially his fans from now. But the money to make a start?????????? Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: By the way, i really love to eat this snack, but never thought about the real story behind those snack, about TOP’s live and his struggle to start his business.


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At war he became friends with Ter, Puak, Itttipat, and Aey, whose lives he saved. Because of his hobby playing online game, he often been underestimated by his teachers at school.

Top Ittipat looked this strategy as a BIG idea after knowing how much his father loan is. Ern soon left for This movie is truly inspiring. If you happen to be in Spore the next time, please give me aq call and we can catch up for kopi and makian. Lastly, you need to be happy with what you have. That 50 per cent will help tpo deal with things that you don’t love such as accounting, marketing and human resource. Wai roon pun lan original title.

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Top Ittipat refuse to came along with his family and continue to continue his business in Thailand. He lived in his house with his uncle.

Thank you, Top Ittipat! He just inspired me a lot. Watch our trailer of trailers. Notify me of new comments via email.