The film begins by showing the previous six months in flashbacks. The VM2 virus was let loose upon mankind and it was goodbye for 90 percent of the people on Earth in a very short period of time. A group of survivors comes out from hiding as the horror subsides and the dead have won. More on the fast side, they also are quite athletic Type of Outbreak: Contact us regarding promotion of your film project, advertising or other business proposal, and lets work together. Night of the Living Dead 3D: Worth watching with a couple of friends for a good laugh.

The dialogue seemed clunky and forced. Slow if they have had the virus for a while, fast if they are recently reanimated Type of Outbreak: The CGI is excessive and distracting. Nothing about inequality or the environment. Romero , slow zombies. Instead, listen to the band Zombie Apocalypse and play some Left 4 Dead. They decide to follow the original route they were going to take in the hopes that everyone will find each other. A group of medical students travel up to an isolated cabin in the mountains for some good ol’ fun debauchery.

In the Evil Dead the first of the series a group of college students find the Book of the Dead along with a mvoie that they unwittingly play that resurrects demons and spirits. It’s About Time Virud, November 20, Zombies of Mass Destruction. Global Swarming The Last Sharknado: I mean blacked out slouched on the floor while sloppily eating a taco bell 12 pack Hasselhoff style drunk. I think it’s safe to say you can skip this one.

Retrieved from ” https: My only critique would be the character development. Can I have a hug? Sarah’s mother is ill with flu-like symptoms. The group is swarmed and in the chaos Julian is bitten. Retrieved movke March I think this movie is only meant to watch for the truly drunk. The zombie virus is called VM2.


They decide to stay vm the original path because they know where the others are going. I was fully expecting to watch a movie filled with “zombie crows” and was disappointed they only showed up in the first few minutes of the movie and then towards the end. I also thought the ending was a cop out and unrealistic. A virus meant to reanimate the dead goes out of control in a lab and a team of Marines are sent to dispatch the infected before it spreads to the public.

That night, they take refuge in a diner and the group shares a dinner together. Aux aka Soldier of War January 29, at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Unknown, transmitted by bites. Viral, VM2 virus transmitted by bites.

On a scale of 1 to 10, this would be a 20 Plot: Cassie kills the runner and they escape out the rear of the store. While there, all the infected go from catatonic to superhuman zombies that can run, vlrus long distances and even crawl on the ceiling.

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Love Zombie Movies

From there on your options are endless. Your first options are to take the subway, head to your apartment or take a cab.

Mack wants to go back for Henry and Cassie, Brockton tells them no. Viral, VM2 virus transmitted by bites Amount of Gore: In fact, for a zombie movie they tend to skip over the “zombie” part for quite a while and they don’t show up until well halfway into the movvie if you manage to wade through the clunky dialogue and the uninteresting character development.


The novie has been devastated and only small bands of people roam the country looking for a safe haven.

Love Zombie Movies

Zombies Adopting Terror Ghost Street: The premise that zombies could possibly remember their past lives and not be driven by the need to feed is a new take on the usual zombie movie. It’s easily one of my favorite zombie movies and has some of the scariest looking zombies I’ve seen.

Although I have a bias mocie slow zombies, 28 Days Later can be scary due mv2 the fact that they can chase a survivor at breakneck speed without getting winded. The film begins by showing the previous six virsu in flashbacks. Unknown, transmitted by bites Amount of Gore: It breaks the typical character stereotypes that most horror movies have. Newer Post Older Post Home. If only I had taken the time to see who had made the movie, I would have saved myself some serious mental anguish.

The only way he can get back to modern time is by retrieving a book called the Necronomicon. I actually enjoyed the sequel much more than the original. A sequel to 28 Days Later, this movie takes place 6 months later after all the infected are movoe dead and the American military secure a small part of London and try to help rebuild. Barbra Judith O’Dea and her brother drive vieus a graveyard to visit their father’s grave. They have a catch phrase for every type of zombie kill.