Another Day in The World Ends with You probably counts as an extended Omake with the characters cast in completely different roles with humorously tweaked personalities and even lets players meet some developer avatars , including character designer Tetsuya Nomura. They barely last 3 hours. Sui-Feng admired Yoruichi’s strength, beauty, and nobility to the point where it passed admiration and became worship. The thread in the Sufficient Velocity forums includes many comedic omakes written by the author and other fans. He does, however, have an awesome zanpakutou. Cinderella” ; a “Holiday Hilarity Break” ; There’s also Free Stuff , like wallpapers, gift tages, downloadable gift tags, and bookplates available on the website, but not incorporated into the comic.

Discworld The Illustrated Wee Free Men included, at the bit which reveals the toad was a lawyer who suffered Baleful Polymorph after suing a fairy godmother for breech of promise , a transcript of the trial. Lackadaisy has what are called “preview comics” which explain things like why Rocky has a hole in his ear and why Rocky refers to Calvin as “Freckle”. I mean, it’s got it’s rough spots, but it’s a fun show. Rangiku is suspicious when Lieutenant Nanao Ise suddenly has larger breasts than she remembers. No one’s expecting fluency but something that doesn’t make listeners cringe would be great. Ishida Uryuu – He’s a great anti-hero hating all the shinigami almost as much as the hollow and he fights with his brain every bit as much as with his bow. Pixar always throws extras in.

For a fairly new website morphE has a bunch of side content on their tumblr page which has introduced future characters, hinted to backstory that has not come up yet and —-official art of the first slash-fic of the main male characters’ shirts.

You could go to a town-like hub world and purchase either cookies, extra lives, or for the sake of completion: Ichigo is certainly deeper than the typical Goku-style protagonist, which earns him major points, but he’s not my favorite.


But by the end of their battle, Sui-Feng breaks down crying. The mini comics are called “Prince Prince” and feature the main characters in an Alternate Universe as girls crossdressing as guys.

This was released prior to SoulCalibur 4’s Japanese release. Ichigo’s reaction to Qilge’s Ichigo appears to have merrily escaped Mayuri’s wrath for now. And let’s not forget Shirayuki reaching almost tearfully for Rukia’s hand before Muramasa intervenes. Orihime ends up being the one who tries to get Ichigo to cop to what’s bothering him Who doesn’t like someone who can turn into a cat and has awesome hand-to-hand combat skills.

Oxford Japanese Dictionary defines nakama as “friend at work “. The manga is much worse, especially in art. The War Room tutorial segments in Advance Wars: Skyrim comes with a very nice linen fold out map of the region, but the collector’s edition comes with the Art of Skyrim, a map, a making of DVD and a statue of Alduin, the Big Bad.

Is there a site to watch all the omake segments from bleach?

I cosplayed as him once: Put sfgments down to shock, fine, but in that fight it was the only moment he got upset. Accepting an EnemyMine situation just so he can “gut” and “stab” Ichigo again?

He is a mad scientist who is funny and good. The Mai Otome manga is generally thought of as worse than the anime and Mai Hime is similar in that regard.

Here I Go Again has the author’s notes, usually consisting of hints about the next chapter, Palpatine and Voldemort who are entirely referred to in Terms of Endangerment like “Palpypie” and “Voldymuffin,” even in their names being bodily harmed, or someone leaving in a vehicle and being perused by another person in another vehicle.


Tatsuki, couldn’t really say why, or Kenpachi because he’s a badass. A pair of badass fighters Most of these are for girls read: At one point the game lampshades it with the page quote. The story included a bunch of omakes later were compiled in a single text archive.

This sets him up as a possible BossBattle for Ichigo, if only to finally reveal his hidden motives. Hitsugaya]] and Bambietta [[spoiler: Father and Mother are talking! It also featured mini-games that are unlocked upon collecting enough Specter-coins. Also, bonus Hitsugaya episodes! Or at least on Izuru’s side.

is there a site to watch all the omake segments from bleach? | Yahoo Answers

A subtle dig at the manga’s and its titular character’s lack of screentime for a long period. Game of Thrones box sets have many of the standards bonus features such as deleted scenes, commentaries, etc.

We also have this out of character moment But not really where we get to see what The Doctor really said waych Martha during his video tape in “Human Nature”. For the latter, there was a moment where they were in the real world, wearing school girl outfits, Swgments creeps up behind her, slowly moving her own face to Haineko’s, whispering “All that’s keft As this troper had the supposedly Real Life Spartan example of Battle Couple explained to her once — ‘the idea was that if you killed one person, the one behind him now had a [[ItsPersonal really good reason]] to kill you.