In the European translation. The Aliea Meteorite, a glowing hunk of space crystal that gives those exposed to it superhuman physical abilities. Lastly, in Inazuma Eleven GO: Instead of all three being Raimon members, Haizaki and Nosaka are from different schools. The other reason is because it’s been his trademark. Tobitaka’s bird-like hairstyle is very crazy, even for this show. However, this leads to another trope.

Justified in GO, where soccer is an actual symbol of power as a consequence of the first series. Tenma, Tsurugi, and Fei in Chrono Stone. If the time travel is canon, then why isn’t the moive also canon? In Chrono Stone, the same poor guy kidnapped to be commentator in the matches. Ootani Tsukushi is only a scout character in the original games, but in Ares no Tenbin she becomes a manager for Inakuni Raimon. Then after Nobunaga’s arc, it goes through a Reverse Cerebus Syndrome. In light of The Reveal that Ichihoshi is actually Hikaru , the little brother, not Mitsuru, the credits in Orion change the casting credits to properly reflect this. People play football in Sengoku Japan and Medieval France.

Winners of the official Inazuma Eleven 2 tournaments became secret characters in Inazuma Eleven 3. However, this leads to another trope. Inazuma eleven sub indo episode 42 kang Hudda Kun 11 months ago. Red Eyes, Take Warning: In light of The Reveal that Ichihoshi is actually Hikaruthe little brother, not Mitsuru, the credits in Orion change the casting credits to properly reflect this.

Raimon later becomes this to Aliea Academy, while at first were merely minor distractions, are later able to strongesst up against the Aliea Academy’s stronger teams. However, it’s sometimes combined with Unlimited Wardrobe. Everything’s Better with Dinosaurs: Daisuke, Endou’s long-thought dead grandfather, turns out to be alive in the third arc. Kageyama became obsessed with winning after his father’s career had been destroyed due to losing a soccer match to Daisuke, after which he started to lose every match he played.

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Kidou later joins Raimon after his teammates are badly injured by Zeus in order to defeat the team which curb-stomped the rest of Teikoku and stays there for the rest of the series. Light Is Not Good: I will try to upload season 1, 2 and A list of characters who remain evil until the end would be much shorter, but here we go.

His successor, Tenma, isn’t much better.

Nintendo Direct it’s pronounced with an accent on the first “a” which is closer to how it’s pronounced in Japanese. Since that was balanced out by having Aliea Academy players have half as much TP, this nerf caused players who used the move to burn through most of their TP with just one use. Most hissatsu techniques have at least partially-English names. Lastly, in Inazuma Eleven GO: Shirou, when he was having a Battle in the Center of the Mind with Atsuya.


The title itself counts in the European dub. We ogrs Gouenji’s and Kageyama’s mothersKidou’s, Fubuki’s and Fuyuka’s familiescoach Hitomiko’s little brother HirotoIchinose or so we’re led to believe and Endou Daisuke, who also turns out to be alive.

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Characters sometimes get injured during the games, usually in their legs, but depending on the situation, they will sometimes only be put on the unazuma and recover soon after the match ends.

The council of El Dorado is made up of old men. However, Gouenji’s arrival has also caught the attention of Teikoku Academythe champion of Football Frontier for 40 consecutive years, who then proceed to arrange a “friendly match” with Raimon. Inazuma eleven episode 30 English sub pritesh nayani Year ago. While not as major as the former example, it’s still the only other official couple on the show so far.

Where can I find Inazuma Eleven English dubbed with clear audio and image? All those who went to God Eden wathc the movie also know about this place back watcu the series. Lots of characters are fairly dark-skinned. As of nearing the end of Chrono Stoneit’s still three moves in now over two hundred episodes. Ultimately, Hikaru is revealed to ogee the same Ichihoshi that plays in Inazuma Japan, with Mitsuru being the Split Personality of Hikaru’s deceased brother.

movue The bands who composed the intro and outro themes for both games and animes arrmy also featured as secret players. In episode 11, Asuto receives a letter from his mother where he finds out the truth and becomes more determined to continue to win the Football Frontier. Character arcs are also darker, with the main plot of the season aside from Raimon’s attempts to get stronger and defeat Aliea being Fubuki dealing with his Split Personality disorder.

Their dub names likewise include atyacks languages’ words for the number five. Tenma is a kind-hearted, determined, motivating, cares about others more than himself and a soccer-loving freak, which makes him extremely similar to Endou.

Among other things, he’s one of Kogure’s favourite victims, who scribbles in his magazines, always puts chilli sauce in his food and even when Megane tries to switch his plate off, he still gets pranked because Kogure put chilli sauce in that plate, etrongest.

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They’re also very rarely called the Earth Trio since they are the main users of The Earthwhich also doubles as a pun on the arc’s main villains being inazumq. Goujin got the idea to learn it after his father told him about a hissatsu he heard about from the mainland which he thinks is named “Fire Lemonade”, but a hissatsu with this name didn’t exist at that time.


He eoeven gets better as the series progresses.

Wind is one of the four attributes in the games, though not every character or hissatsu listed with a wind-attribute has this as an element e. Any team that has a persistent Leitmotifsuch as Teikoku and Zeus in the first game, and Genesis in the second, will have it remixed for their matches. He is specifically targeted for being the only one who could keep up, and is hurt to a point of being seriously injured from the match with Genesisand consequently gets Put On An Ambulance. Ichinose eats Rika’s special lovey-dovey okonomiyaki and ends up getting into something like this.

Most of them are called exclusively by their first names especially if their last names are associated with their dads, as is the case for Natsumi and Fuyukabut Aki and Haruna are sometimes called by their last names. But he gets better with medical treatment and visits his friends in Japan to show them that he’s alive and tells them the reason why he faked the death. The king himself appears in Chrono Stone. Kurimatsu and Kuramada in GO both wear bandaids on their nose.

Someoka tries to perfect the new hissatsu he created with Fubuki inspite of his leg injury, but this makes his injury worse and is dropped off by Hitomiko as a result. However, he’s brought back to life. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. The Ganymede Proton Hissatsu technique uses a Hand Blast for soccer of all things; the user stands behind the ball, facing the opposing team’s goal, and directs the beam at the ball to send it flying at the goal.

Fudou became power hungry after his father lost his job and his family became poor.

People play football in Sengoku Japan and Medieval France. Three members show up on the map to follow the leaderbut the other twelve are still available to swap in.