Do I believe that Jesus walked over water? I like your show. I’m waiting for the White House to behave that way! Zoey Bartlet Claire Yarlett Wow Thank you to all for your well thought out, considered responses. It is true that women had to separate themselves during their time of the month because of the spilling of blood, but if a man spilled any blood or fluids, he too was considered unclean. Thank you again so much to all who have commented on this post Berni Reply.

In that case Faith has already lost, side by side Reason wins hands down. The scene, a real showstopper, finds the president stopping in on a White House gathering of radio talk personalities. Does the very Bible that condemns homosexuality really commend slavery? In reference to laws of human cleanliness and uncleanliness, it is important to note that men and women of all classes were treated equally in these laws. The very Bible that she had used to beat up on homosexuals had now beaten her into submissive silence. Judge not lest ye be judged. All these vile things come from within; they are what defile you. It seems some do not understand what a covenant is, let alone a new one.

Wow Thank you to all for your well thought out, considered responses. Focusing on the Old Testament laws like the demi president when a new covenant is in place will see you focusing on the same pitfalls the Pharisees fell into so long ago. The following is material about an episode of the TV series West Wing which defends homosexuality and attacks Christianity.

The Midterms

As for a defect in sight and other malformations being banned from the alter of God, I am not sure why this was the case, but it was probably intended, as the other laws of cleanliness were, to convey a sense that one must be perfect in order to come before God. Jacobs is portrayed rang a very well-known, controversial, religious talk radio personality who is vocal about her belief that homosexuality is an abomination based on sacred Scripture; whose Ph.


My chief battlet staff, Leo McGarry, insists on working on the Sabbath.

Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. West Wing Hermeneutics Question. Let us also start off by debunking the easiest one of all, that being, modern footballs are made out of either cow leather or rubberized synthetic materials, so the touching of the skin of a pig on Sunday is not a valid argument in this case.

One part of the e-mail, and a part of the West Wing dramatization, focuses on the dietary laws of the Old Testament. Finally, while Schlessinger and Lieberman have a hard time explaining why Mosaic penalties no bbible apply at least in spiritthe answer for Christians is found in Christ.

A friend of mine claims that this applies to Mexicans, but not Canadians. First, on an ancillary note, according to the passage cited in the e-mail, the bull would be slaughtered before it was put on the altar, ding it actually would smell good, like an open-pit barbeque, not bad, as the e-mail seems to imply.

In other words, making an extraordinarily long putt. All I ask is that you do it in love.

West Wing Hermeneutics

God made us He knows mentally whats good for our mind to be healthy. Christ came to save sinners Matt 1: Are the Levitical codes prohibiting incest and bestiality which serve as the basis for the prohibition of these acts in our modern law equally as ignorant and backward as the writers of the West Wing think the prohibition of homosexuality is?


Touching the skin of a dead pig makes one unclean, Leviticus But just ignore that, oh yeah. Bartlet only waits a second for a response, then plunges on.

Something that each one of us could and should model more and more in our lives. No doubt child sacrifice would be bad if the baby was 1 or 2 months old, but what if he or she was pre-term? While you may be mistaking this for your monthly meeting of the Ignorant Tight-Ass Club, in this building when the president stands, nobody sits. I have learned a great deal from you, and I try to share that knowledge with as many people as I can.

The president paused to catch his breath.

The West Wing: Bible Quotes: Chapter & Verse

Audible Download Audio Books. There is so much more on these topics in the scriptures. Again more context, it says in John The atmosphere was electric. I’m waiting for Congress to dest that way. Thus the author of the e-mail is asking: Apologies for the long speech, Mr President.

Andrew Mackintosh Myles Kilpatrick Perhaps rereading Corinthians; Love is…… will remind all people who say they have a personal relationship with Jesus, where He lifted them from…….