Pair of Kings, Vol. The kings realize they have made a big mistake. When Boomer does not get to rule the team as much as Brady, Boomer starts his own team with help from Kinkow’s resident to challenge Brady. When two moons appear, the kings meet the ghost of Malakai, the first king of Kinkow, who explains that an evil twin will destroy the island. Mikayla in turn tells Brady that the kiss was just to save him and it was for the love of her country, and walks away. Tito blackmails Boz into giving him whatever he wants, in exchange for keeping the secret. Mikayla heads to the Nanju forest, known for its magnetic fields, and competes in an aerial duel to save her friend.

When an advance copy of their high school yearbook arrives, the kings realize they are going to be remembered back in Chicago for throwing the worst party ever. Mikayla ends her friendship with Brady after his flirting becomes too much to bear. Brady, Mikayla, and Mason chase after Boomer, while Lanny follows them, trying to kill the kings. Kelsey Chow as Mikayla Makoola Note: When Mason thinks Boomer’s club is too rowdy, he takes over as bouncer, keeping the party out. Just before Brady can finish off Boomer, Mikayla gives him a long kiss, breaking him from Kalakai’s spell.

When Boz defies Boomer’s warnings and goes to the Dark Side, he finds a baby and brings it home.

He gives Boz and Mikayla a Dirt Fairy potion so they will dislike each other, but the potion is too potent and sends them into mortal combat instead. This is a one-hour special. Boomer opens the teen hotspot of his dreams and hires Brady as his assistant.

Pair of Kings – Season 2, Episode Wet Hot Kinkowan Summer –

Brady and Boomer meet two good looking girls at their “Meet the Kings” mixer. Destiny’s Child Brady decides to leave the island to become eposode man Mikayla needs him to be.

The kings make clones of themselves and while they go surfing, they send their doubles to the Kalooki Island Peace Summit. Webarchive template wayback links CS1 maint: The Great Khali as Atog the Giant. When Mason finds out, Mikayla tries to get the kings to back down, but it is too late as the kings are eager to prove their inner warrior. Now it is up to Boomer to put his differences aside and rescue his brother.


Then Jason’s water scooter falls on two Tarantula People, and Jason falls on the other two, saving everyone. Now they must break it by dancing with the fairest girls in the village, which is much easier said than done. Denyse Tontz as Mary-Ann.

Doc Shaw as Lucas Absent: Brady, Boomer, and Mason follow Mikayla back to the castle where Brady claims that “she so loves me. Boz saves Boomer from death and Boomer uses his secret ballet skills to defeat the Tarantula People. Brady and Boomer obtain the sister ruby and save the kingdom.

Boomer finds out about this and tries to follow Brady. Sabrina challenges Mikayla to a duel. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Lists of Disney Channel television series episodes Lists of American children’s television series episodes Lists of American sitcom television series episodes. This list of episodes is organized by premiere date in the US. Before their arrival, Brady gets bitten episoe a Waka Waka bug, resulting in various side effects that will occur in a chronological order: John O’Hurley as CD instructor.

She throws it in a ditch. Brady takes Mikayla’s hand and asks what is next.

Pair Of Kings S03 E5 Wet Hot Kinkowan Summer

Adam Hicks as Boz. Archived copy as title Use mdy dates from January Skyler Vallo as Sabrina Absent: To help out his quest to finally date Mikayla, Brady makes Boomer impersonate Lucas and pretend to go through the official ceremony, but the plan backfires when the real Lucas arrives and captures Mikayla.

Things go bad when the mermaids were kinkoan seducing the kings to take fpisode the castle, and they also turn Mikayla into a mermaid and cause her to talk in dolphin chirps. Meanwhile, following a dream where she kissed Brady, Mikayla believes she may have a crush on him. When Rebecca unexpectedly arrives in Kinkow for the luau, Boomer decides to go with her, while Brady unsuccessfully attempts to keep Uhngela contained, as she has become violently jealous of Rebecca.

Things go haywire when the Tarantula People crash the party. Brady and Boomer must endure a King Challenge that tests their smarts, strength, and spirits.

Kinkowan Summer

In order to get Mason away from the club, the kings lead him on a wild goose chase, leaving the club wide open and vulnerable to a mythical human-like sponge creature named Damone who absorbs everyone’s confidence. Dwight Howard as The Head Chef. Boomer accuses Brady of ruining his chances to be together with Rebecca. Matt Wickline Teleplay by: Mitchel Musso as King Brady. Mason was formerly the top surfer, but was beaten by Hibachi 10 years earlier, because he was blinded wst what he assumed to be the sun.


More Seasons in Series See All. Episoee Tait as Mr. But when Boomer unknowingly steers the ship into the Dark Side waters trying to impress some girls, the only teens Mikayla befriends are undercover amphibious creatures that have snuck aboard in search of live offerings for their swamp dwelling overlord, a massive bullfrog. With Kaita the Bat-Rider at large with his army of undead zombiesMason and Mikayla use a forcefield to give them time to devise a counter-attack against Kaita’s army.

Boomer, jealous of the attention Boz is getting, enters the Jikki Kiki dance contest, and picks Boz as the second dancer, believing it an episdoe win, but when Boomer discovers that Boz is a great dancer, a rivalry develops between the two. When Brady and Boomer attempt to pull pranks on the villagers, they go too far and a bird named Karma arrives, bringing bad luck to them just as Mikayla had warned.

The head chef quits when he is ordered by King Boomer and King Brady to prepare a steak cake when he was supposed to be making a very important meal for a giant ogre who is about to wake up from an annual year sleep. But when Mikayla informs the kings that the secret source of their wealth lives on that island, a gopher that naturally produces gold, they must try to get the gopher back without Lanny finding out.

When one of the kings’ stunts gets Mikayla suspended, the boys refuse to take responsibility. After learning their father was the best warrior in island history, Boomer and Brady enroll in Kinkow Fight School. During a heat wave, Brady and Boomer discover an ice cave in the jungle upon being given directions to it by Lanny. Retrieved September 23, Brady and Boomer are unaware that they are destined to become the next kings of an island nation known as Kinkow.

Boomer convinces Uhngela to be with her boyfriend, who then releases Rebecca.